11 Websites You Must Read Regularly as an Investment Banking Prospect

A career in Finance (Corporate Finance etc) or Investment Banking or, especially, Private Equity is one of the most lucrative careers all over the world. In fact, before the tech revolution that saw Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Oracle and other tech companies taking the center stage , Finance career competed with management consulting (McKinsey, Bain, BCG etc) for the most lucrative career, although also oil and gas remains a traditional lucrative sector all over the world.


Now, if you desire a career in finance or iBAIN CONSULTINGinvestment banking, whether in Wall Street or Broad street, it would be good to regularly visit these websites to equip yourself with the trends and resources that would be useful to you.

1. Mergers & Inquisitions: Mergers & Inquisitions is the world’s first and largest blog dedicated to careers in the finance industry, with over 641 expertly crafted articles, 533,084+ monthly visitors, and 115,341+ email subscribers. They give you tips to get interviews with industry insiders in investment banking, private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, sales & trading, and other fields, as well as career tips, commentary on news and current events, and case studies and modeling tutorials.

2. Breaking into Wall Street: Financial Modeling is a great-to-have skill in Finance careerBreaking Into Wall Street say they offer a completely different approach to financial modeling by teaching you how to use it to make investment recommendations and advise clients – in other words, you learn how to put all those Excel files to use in real life, the same way you do when working in the finance industry.

They have courses which are based on case studies where you have to advise a client, make an investment recommendation, or decide whether or not a deal makes sense – and the coverage is global, including companies and assets across five continents. BIWS is also owned by Mergers & Inquisition guys.

3. Analyst Forum: CFA is the exam that is widely regarded as the world’s most prestigious in Finance career. Analyst Forum specializes in providing all resources needed to pass CFA exam. It is a discussion forum where you anyone can join, open threads and asks questions on CFA exams and Finance career in general. Unlike others, it is a forum with largely user-generated content.

4. Vault: Vault is not 100% dedicated to Finance career, but it’s Finance section is so rich. They are one of the leading websites on careers in America. Vault does annual ranking of investment banking firms based on through survey.

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5. e-Finance Career: e-Finance Careers pride themselves as the world’s number one  financial services careers website. They operate in the entire value chain of online resources – blog, job search engine, forum etc.

6. Wall Street Prep: Okay, you know Wall Street is the Finance capital of the world. These guys teach you how what to do to get there. From tips to getting IB jobs to Financial Modeling, you will learn a lot on WSP.

7. iBanker: The iBanker guys provide you with valuable information on how to become an investment banker. They say they make finance exciting by telling stories about the world of high finance, the characters that inhabit that world, the deals that make it sensational and lessons to help you become a more successful dealmaker.

8. PE Hub: PE Hub call themselves the community for professionals in private capital. If you work in private equity or venture capital, PE Hub Network will keep you connected to your peers and the news of the day.

9. Pitchly: Pitchly say they provide the only database and transaction tombstone software for M&A advisors and deal makers. But they do more than that. They provide on their blog resources that will be helpful for those who want to follow trends in mergers and acquisitions at the global market.

10. JarusHub: JarusHub are a general career resources website, but finance career is one of their biggest strengths. They provide valuable information on Finance and investment banking careers, both locally in Nigeria and abroad.

11. WallStreetOasis: The website says “Top Wall Street jobs are hard to land and even harder to survive. With the help of our 440,000+ members, we will help you break in and master your finance career.” The website has forums for discussing all manner of topics on investment banking, private equity etc.


So there you have it. Read these websites often to keep yourself up to date on Finance and related careers.


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