Diseases That Can Make You fail Pre-Employment Medicals

All good companies require prospective employees to take mandatory medical test before being offered employment.

These are the reasons for this:


  1. To determine whether the employee is medically fit for work, not an employee that will fall sick at the slightest work rigour.
  2. To be sure the employee will not spend too much time at the hospital than at work, so they will not employ someone that will call in absent almost every week due to one health issue or the other.
  3. To determine whether the employee does not pose a health threat to other employees, e.g. through diseases that can be spread by sharing toilet with other employees.
  4. To have the health records of the employee
  5. For big companies with health insurance, the health insurance company (HMO) that will insure the employees require their health records which will determine their insurance value.


Here are the top diseases that may make a company drop a prospective employee after pre-employment medical test.


1, HIV: Although most companies say they are equal opportunity employers, as much as 95% of those that do pre-employment medicals will not employ a candidate with HIV. HIV means that the cost of insuring that employee with HMO will be high, the employee might have high rate of absenteeism, etc. Most companies save themselves these by rejecting such candidate.


2, HEPATITIS B & C: As much as 60% of companies will not employ prospective employee found to have hepatitis during medicals. The major reason is, cost of insuring such employee by HMO will be high. Some companies however do go ahead to employ the candidate unconditionally. Some employ the candidate but put condition that the health insurance benefit available to the employee will not cover hepatitis. In other words, they will not pay for hospital expenses relating to management of the employee’s hepatitis.


The company mostly will not state the reason why they did not employ you after medicals. They may tell you you failed medicals, without being specific about the cause.


However, at very senior management level, especially when you are coming with top skills and experience, most companies will still employ you despite discovering this during medicals.


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