Top 5 Skills Employers Look For in Assessment Center

Interview as a traditional selection tool is being dumped by companies all over the world. Companies in Nigeria are not left behind. Top companies in Nigeria like PwC, Oando, NLNG, KPMG, First Bank use assessment center exercises to evaluate candidates.

Here are the 5 key skills recruiters look for when assessing a candidate through Assessment Center:-

1. Analytical Skills

The recruiter is looking at the candidate’s ability to analyse events or issues or scenarios. This is tested through group task or group discussion, oral presentation and case studies. Many candidates find it difficult to draw connections on the spot, or think through issues, or get the bigger picture. Assessment center will reveal this.

2. Ability to work effectively in a team

Group discussion or group task, which is an integral part of an assessment center, is perhaps the most critical tool used to evaluate the candidate’s ability to work in a team. In an AC, you will be made to discuss an issue or a problem or a case study as a team and proffer solution. This is to test your team work skills.


3. Effective Communication

Your communication skill is tested in every tool that makes up an AC – interview tests your one-on-one communication, group task tests your communication with a team, presentation tests your oral communication skills.

4. Leadership Ability

Most interviews ask you questions about your leadership skills, but a practical way to show it is through group task in a team discussion and you happen to be the team lead. How well you coordinate the team tells much about your leadership skills.

5. Ability to Cope under Pressure

AC is a highly pressured environment. In some companies, like First Bank and Shell, it’s a full day job; in others, like PwC and KPMG, it just for few hours. In any case, there is pressure. You will be drilled. You are moving from one assessment to another. It is a sapping exercise. If you do well under such circumstance, the employer believes you are good enough for their job.


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