Top 5 Donts of an Assessment Center

  • Assessment center is a recruitment testing method that uses multiple tools like interview, group discussion, group task, oral presentation, case study, role play etc to test candidates’ suitability for a role in an organization. Companies that use assessment centers in Nigeria include KPMG, PwC, First Bank, Oando, NLNG and many more.

Three or more of the tools above are usually deployed by the recruiter to assess the candidates.

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Many candidates struggle with passing Assessment Centers.

When next you find yourself in an assessment, here are 5 things you should never do:-

1, Domineering in group discussion: While you must be active in group discussions, you must exercise great care to avoid being domineering, i.e making the whole show about you alone. Don’t present yourself as the alpha and omega of the team. Give others opportunity to talk too. Help a lagging team member even if you have to say “Or what do you think?”

2, Making sensitive political or religious points: AC gives you opportunity to express yourself as much as possible, especially the group discussion and oral presentation parts. Some topics can be tricky. Don’t lose too much guard and turn it to your Facebook or Nairaland rant, where you can insult anyone, any public personality. If the topic for discussion is about economic recession in Nigeria for example, don’t turn it into a PDP vs APC or Jonathan vs Buhari show, make professional points, don’t go saying some ministers under Jonathan looted Nigeria to recession or that Buhari’s government has been clueless in handling it. Be diplomatic. You never can tell the political or religious affiliation of your assessors.


3, Shouting down others: It is acceptable to disagree with another team member in a group discussion in an AC. In fact, it is good to bring fresh perspective to an issue. But do so respectfully and professionally. Don’t call anyone else’s opinion foolish; don’t shout down their opinion.

4, Turning yourself into a professional scribe:  In group discussion part of most assessment centers, someone needs to take note. It is a good role to take as it provides you opportunity to have good grasp of the issues. But avoid turning yourself into professional scribe. Talk, participate in the discussions too. Just jot the key points, not writing every word uttered by the contributors. You are not applying for the role of secretary!

5, Not being time conscious: Each activity in an AC has an allotted time, stick to it. Don’t think you are smart and keep the activity going after the assessor’s “time-up” announcement. Work with time.


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