Questions & Answers on Oil & Gas Career (ii)

Continued from part 1

My name is Jackson, a graduate of petroleum & gas engineering from one the prestigious universities in this country. I’m done with my NYSC. I graduated with 2.2, and about to doing PGD so I can do my Masters. You know how the universities situation is in this country. I also want to be seeking for job. Please what do you advise? And also how is that idea. Do you think one can still get a job in the oil sector with this kind of plan?. Please I need a reason from you.


Oil and gas is a very competitive industry. There are thousands of first class and 2.1 grads competing for the few available jobs. 2.2 plus masters will not make much difference. That is not to say 2.2 grads don’t get job in the industry. They do, but 1 out of 20 recruits and in just one of those chance circumstances. So I will advise you don’t put too much hope in this plan. And don’t narrow your search to O&G sector only, there are opportunities in many other sectors.


Morning Sir,

I saw your post on nairaland and thought to get in touch with you.

I have tried without success to get in to the O and G sector from 2002 till date. I’m a Chemistry major from  ABU, Zaria. I have gotten to the interview stages and did well in my opinion for companies like NLNG, DPR, Chevron etc but somehow I never seemed to make it probably because I don’t have the ‘right connection’.


Between this time and now, I have gotten an MSc and a PhD both in Organic chemistry and I lecture at the same school I graduated from (9years going on 10).

My thirst for the oil and gas sector has been awakened again recently and I’m looking at possibilities (NNPC, NLNG) but all seem to require some experience in the Oil and gas sector before one is qualified to apply for any of the advertised posts ( I can’t apply for graduate trainee again because, well, I’m ‘too old’).

How does one surmount this problem? Eagerly waiting to hear what you have to say.

Thanks and kind regards,

(Identity hidden)


Dear Sir,

I don’t think it is connection that is not making you to scale the interview stage in those companies. I know too many people that got job in those companies you listed without knowing anybody. Have you  tried to examine your interview taking strategy?  You are definitely no longer an entry level applicant , so the companies are on point to require oil and gas experience at this stage. One thing about this industry at the experienced hire level  is that sector experience matters. No time to train people just coming into the industry. I moved from one company to another within the industry last year and my experience was critical in getting that job.  I still believe NNPC and DPR should not be so difficult with your PhD now, and being an ABU graduate/lecturer. You should know what I mean there. My advice: while I don’t advise that you see oil and gas industry as a must-enter, you can keep pushing and may need to deploy your ABU network to penetrate. All the best.


Good day to you. I saw your email on one of the social network around and will like toknow if a first degree graduate like me that studied international relationshas a place in the oil and gas sector.This sector we both know is the highest paying sector which I have got soft spot for since my early days. Please, youradvice is strongly required. Gracias


Let me start by saying we should dispel this fixation with Oil & Gas industry. You actually don’t need to work in the industry before you lead a decent life. I know many people work in financial services industry and are far better off than their friends in the oil sector. That said, there is nothing wrong in aiming to work there. There is no field that cannot get any job anywhere. With international relations degree, you can get job in corporate affairs/corporate communications/public relations/media management department of an oil and gas company. But like I mentioned to an earlier questioner, very few people are needed in these departments and there are thousands competing for the spots. I wish you all the best.



Good day Jarus,
I am a UNN graduate of medical rehabilitation (physiotherapist) and I want to enter the oil and gas sector. Ever since a friend told me about HSE(health, safety and environment) I fall in love with the field. I became passionate about it more and as a result I did general and advance HSE trainings and passed all their exams. Recently I wrote NEBOSH exams( international general certificate exams) after the 2 weeks
training and my results are not yet out( it will be coming out in 2
weeks times).
My questions is, what other certification programme do I need to do to be ready for the oil and gas sector?   Also any other advice that you may give me as per how to be successful in this career part. Thanks and God bless.

Dear Ifeanyi,

HSE is a fast growing field in the oil and gas and industrial sectors. Government and international regulations make it mandatory to put in place safety system to minimize environmental hazards that are associated with the operation of the industry (oil and gas operations are hazardous). So there are actually opportunities for professionals in this field and I believe those qualifications will be of help. However, like I have always emphasized, everything is competitive in the oil industry. Try to throw your CV around and hope for the best.



Sir, I am a student of Nnamdi Azikwe university​, studying
Chemical Engineerin​g. Currently, I am  in year 3. I need advice on my career. Besides, my grade in school is 2.1 for now.




Try to maintain that 2.1 till graduation, if you can’t do better. That is still not a guarantee, but it at least puts you in a better stead of being invited for test. Start reading about the petroleum industry, locally and globally. When you get to final year, start laying your hands on GMAT to familiarize yourself with aptitude tests. All the best.


I studied chemical engineering in FUTO, Owerri, I graduated with a pass due to some circumstance. Normally I shouldn’t have. I am really ready to further in education, because I know I can do far better. My dream is to work in an oil company.  Pls I need your advice on what to do. If I should go back to school I will like to study a course that will help me search for a job in an oil firm. Where do I start, what do I do please? Your advice can help change my life.

I honestly don’t know where to start. Pass is a bad grade. While nothing is impossible, the truth is that it will take miracle for you to break into the industry with that grade. I also don’t advise you go back for undergraduate studies again. If any reader here has any advice for the young man, please do so in the comment button or send to me via and I will publish.


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