Ok, it’s been taken to be a ‘big sin’ if one doesn’t ask the interviewer a question after an interview…but what if you could afford to ask just a question?
Second, is it really necessary to request for the interviewer’s email in order to follow up after the interview?
Third, how appropriate is it when you ask a question and it leads to an extended ‘conversation’ between you and the interviewer? Would it be a good way of telling the interviewer you are an interesting personality to be with?


Dear Waris,
1, One question is ok. Not asking at all is not good. It shows you are not so interested in the company or the job, or not a self-starter, or too timid, or didn’t do any research about the job/company. 
2, Follow up isn’t much of a big decider of interview outcome in Nigeria as it is in other countries, especially USA. If you must follow up, use email used to send you invite or phone number used to call you. As an entry level graduate, we don’t think you need to ask for email after interview. An experienced hire interviewee can however ask for card, which has information like email and phone number. 
3, The fact that the question leads to extended conversation is good sign for you. It means your question is interesting to the interviewers. There is no harm in telling the interviewer he’s interesting too, but make sure he’s truly interesting. An interesting person will not have any negative issue with that (will even like your boldness), but an uninteresting person may not like it. 
We wish you all the best.
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