I got to know about you from Nairaland and JarusHub here. I am a chemical engineering aspirant of Federal University of Technology, Minna, and I am writing to ask about employment opportunities for a graduate with good grades.

I also want to know what it takes to get employed in the oil sector.



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Dear Fred,

Chemical engineering is a very good course and I personally have a soft spot for it, likely because most of my very brilliant friends studied the course. I will advise you study hard to make a good grade, strong 2.1, if not first class, as a first step.

Try to follow blogs like JarusHub (especially our Oil & Gas articles which you can access here) to be informed on career information that are not taught in classroom. It is very, very important.

Chemical engineering is one of the most sought after disciplines in the oil and gas industry. Whether upstream, downstream or midstream, chemical engineering will always be relevant in the oil and gas industry.

Oil and gas industry recruitment is very competitive (many qualified, smart graduates jostling for few positions), but the fact that you’re thinking of this right before you even start your year 1 in the university shows your commitment to your goal already. Try and face your studies and make a good grade and be able to defend it. Read beyond what you are taught in the classroom as well. Follow global energy news.

The good thing about chemical engineering is, you are not limited to oil and gas industry only. You can work in manufacturing industry and other chemical related industries.

I wish you all the best.


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