How To Get Your Dream Job In Nigeria

The above is the title of a book written by Abass Toriola, a young Nigerian freelance writer.

As a respected Nigerian career blogger, I receive emails from time to time from people on job and career matters.  When I received an email from one Abass Toriola couple of months back, hinting me on a book he was writing on getting jobs in Nigeria, I must confess I dismissed it as just another book to be added to the thousands that existed on the subject. Not even his excellent use of English that immediately caught my attention in the long email made me give him benefit of the doubt.

Fast-forward to two months later and Abass got back to me with a copy of the book. Flipping through the pages, I was dazed. It is an excellent work.  It was different from the run-of-the-mill materials that litter the blogosphere on the subject. My problem with many materials on jobs in Nigeria is inability of the authors to localize the content. Rather, what we have are outright regurgitation of foreign system. I set out to pick this hole in Abass’ work as a critic, but it was an exercise in futility. He did his homework well.

The book is rich in local examples. He buttresses his points with practical examples, a breakaway from theories that dominate many such efforts in the past. He fully demonstrated knowledge of Nigerian job markets, which he must have gotten through thorough research. He also spoke with top recruiters of labour. In fact, it was in the course of reaching out to top Nigerian career consultants that he got in touch with me. I never knew him before.

How to get your deram job picture

In the e-book, Abass covers the following important aspects:

  • How to craft an attention-grabbing CV that stands out from the crowd and gets you an interview invitation.
  • How and where to find lucrative job opportunities that others may not even know about (you won’t find many of them in newspapers).
  • How to identify job vacancy scams that are out to waste your time, raise your hopes, and steal your money.
  • How to tailor your CV to suit any job position so that it beats other CVs hands-down.
  • How to write a powerful application letter that fascinates the employer and makes them develop instant interest in you.
  • How to get a job even when you’re not fully qualified for it (no connections needed).
  • How to easily pass a job aptitude test
  • Mistakes you must avoid when applying for a job.
  • How to prepare adequately for a job interview.
  • Tips for dazzling at a job interview­—and getting the job eventually.
  • 15 interview questions you can’t escape, and how to answer them brilliantly.
  • What interviewers expect from you during interviews (as revealed by a seasoned interviewer)
  • Interview mistakes that could cost you the job
  • And lots more­—with practical examples to guide you.

The N3000 price he puts on the book, I believe, is worth it. Yet, he is giving the first 100 copies at N2000, plus the following bonuses:

Bonus-1-small Bonus-2-small

I have read the e-book and found it a masterpiece of a work by a young Nigerian.

HOW TO GET YOUR DREAM JOB IN NIGERIA is indeed a material I will recommend to students, job seekers and even those with jobs already.

If you’re interested in purchasing, send an email to me:



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