Dilemma of a Third Class Physiology Graduate

Dear JarusHub Team,

Please I need your advice.
I have made wrong choices in life, for example my choice of course, I studied Physiology in Medilag and it was really tough, I finally graduated with a 3rd class. Don’t get me wrong, I am a very hard working person I have been working since I was in secondary school just to pay my bills but it is mostly sales rep jobs.
My aim of writing is that I need career advice, no employer wants to hire a 3rd class person, I have so many skills but no body wants to give me a chance, what should I do?
Thank you in anticipation for a favourable response .
Kind regards.
Dear Tola

Options for you:

1, Get special skills like IT (programming etc). Employers of such skills hardly look at grade when recruiting.
2, Target small companies that don’t require grade
3, Continue sale rep jobs which hardly emphasize grade.
4, Read this our old article for more tips: 10 HELPFUL TIPS FOR GRADUATES WITH 2.2. AND LOWER GRADES
All the best.

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