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Dear Jarus,
I am an ardent reader of your website and really appreciate every piece of advice you have given. It has helped a lot on shaping certain decisions I have made and obviously made me better. I hope on sending a proper appreciation mail.
The main purpose for this mail. I am a 19-year-old economics student, 300 level, in a well respected federal university.  I already started ACCA and I’m in the skills level. I hope on going into auditing as a career in one of the big four (KPMG to be precised) but I am kind of introverted. Not like I dislike leadership, I really love it but I don’t want to be involved in school politics as I do not find interesting. I’ve read on your blog that leadership in school helps in building a career.
My questions are:
1)Can my personality affect my career choice and me being selected for a job in my career field?
2)Is there any other skill or activity i can do to be more employable?
I do not want to seem like someone who cannot lead people. I am a fluent,bold and good communicator and a great team player. I  plan on joining an organization (AIESEC) for personal purpose though but does that help.
If it matters I am a female.
Your answers will be well appreciated.
Thank you sir.
shy in interview
Dear Janet,
You will likely graduate and complete your NYSC by 22, complete ACCA by then and likely to have a good grade (2.1 or higher). You have  a focus on what you want to do (auditing) and where you want to work (Big 4).
You are a regular reader of our website, which means you are consuming job and career tips and information right from school.  Not many students have these.
I think these are enough to get you the job of your desire.
It is far from being compulsory that you engage in school or departmental politics, or even AIESEC, before you demonstrate your leadership skills. Not at all.
In fact, I don’t really advise campus politics. Departmental leadership activities may help build organizing skills and network, but they are a bonus. You can get job without these things. And as a matter of fact, they don’t substitute substance. If you don’t have the substance, these add-ons wont help you.
You also confirm you a good communicator, fluent and bold. These are enough.
I think you are fine. Please face your studies. It is more important. You are not disadvantaged at all not participating in those activities.
I wish you all the best.

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