7 Reasons Why E-learning is a Champion among the Younger Generations


Education has evolved with the evolution of mankind and has advanced through the ages to become more and more effective. Learning is a process and it requires the learner to follow a certain technique to achieve the required knowledge. The traditional learning process (in a classroom) is still commonly followed across the world. However, there is a marked change in the interests in the type of process of learning among the younger generations.

The younger generation of learners are technologically-driven and they find themselves at home with e-learning. Classroom coaching for extra skills and knowledge are being slowly replaced by online courses. To understand the growing interest for e-learning among the younger generation of students, let us look at the following reasons:

  1. Provides the advantage of mobility in learning


E-learning offers the learners with the flexibility of learning from anywhere at any time. The young generation of learners loves to do everything at their own pace and in their own time. E-learning gives them this freedom, making it an attractive option for the generation Y. One just needs to get enrolled in the specific course and complete it, with no hurry to attend a classroom routinely.


  1. Love of screens among the younger generation


This generation of students grew up with Facebook, video games, video chatting, selfies, etc. They are more attached to the screen and it is their natural habitat. Most of the younger generation of learners feel more at home on their screens than interacting face-to-face.


  1. Overcomes the learning curve barrier


Learning has always been a gradual process and every person has a different learning curve. If someone understands a subject easily, it may take time for someone else to grasp the same subject. The gen Y is not that patient and if they feel a loss of interest in the subject, they will just give up.


Traditional classroom courses have a fixed pace with which everyone needs to be accustomed, making it hard for all students to maintain the same learning curve. E-learning, on the other hand, offers students with an option to learn according to their comfort level, overcoming the learning curve barrier.


  1. Facilitates interaction with introverts or shy students


Introverts or shy students often remain in the backseat when it comes to traditional classroom learning as they do not get the attention. They negatively reciprocate by not taking interest in the learning process.


What is the main problem of introverts? It is face-to-face interaction. E-learning offers them a virtual sanctuary and freedom to speak out their mind. You will find most introverts are digital natives as they do not have to interact people directly.


  1. Helps to achieve learning at a lower cost


The cost of education is increasing year after year and is becoming expensive. As the competition is growing, students are being forced to learn skills other than what is being taught at the colleges. After paying a lot of money for college already, e-learning is the only best option left for them as it is not that expensive.


  1. Provides a safe learning environment


Online learning offers students with the option to learn from home, without going anywhere. Even exams can be taken online without any supervision. This helps students in conflict areas, where going out to a classroom may be unsafe for students.


  1. Courses are more engaging


E-learning can be more than just plain chalk and paper or slideshow learning. It offers various forms of learning which are highly engaging and provide a better learning experience. There are also personalised learning options in e-learning that focus on special areas of attention.

Online learning is a perfect match with the younger generations, giving them the freedom of learning and helping them earn certifications for a better professional career. The best thing about e-learning for the gen Y is that they can learn in their own free time using the technology they are comfortable with. More and more students in the future will opt for online courses, due to these attractive characteristics as shown above.



Hasib is a professional writer associated with learning.naukri.com. With an interest in new technology and gadgets, he follows the industry closely. He has written a number of articles related to technology, marketing, and content on various blogs and websites. He is also an avid reader and passionate about the beautiful game of football. Follow him @ twitter

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