5 Essential Qualities That a Good Receptionist Must Possess


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To get a long way toward establishing business in any organization requires a face to meet the public. And for the same receptionists serve as the public faces of the companies that employ them. A well-trained and adequately skilled receptionist is needed in almost every type of organization.


When you are aware of the qualities that make a good receptionist, you can prepare for this career in an efficient manner. Given below are certain qualities that can help receptionists to develop a rapport with clients and make smoothly running office:


Have a positive attitude


A Receptionist represents the face of the company – so, no one wants to be greeted by an awful expression and a grumpy attitude. In every situation, receptionists needed to have a positive attitude towards their work and make it a priority to always have a smile on face. Always remember to stay patient and calm with challenging customers, even if they get on your last nerve.

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Have a greeting ready


For good receptionists, it is always needed to greet their clients in a friendly way. It is very important for them to give respect in a mannered way, so that the clients feel acknowledged and know that you will help them in a moment. Be courteous, and leave personal matters at home. Make sure the person is relaxed and happy to talk to you.


Have excellent communication skills


Whether it’s on phone or in person, a receptionist is required to communicate effectively. A receptionist must possess great verbal and written communication skills, along with astute listening abilities. Receptionists are not only good communicators, but they are active listeners as well. Your importance as a receptionist increases as you are the eyes and ears of the company. Therefore excellent conversational skills and good business etiquette projects a vital role in making your position better.

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Have top notch organizational skills


The job of a receptionist is very independent and an organized receptionist makes everyone’s job easier. Great receptionists shoe a knack and enthusiasm for organization. So if you want to be great and efficient receptionist, you should always focus on enhancing your organizational skills as much as possible.


Have good technological skills under your belt


Receptionists should be tech-savvy, meaning they can handle complicated phone system, fax machines, computers and copiers and printers – and the more experience they have, the better. She is responsible for letters, memos, and possibly accounting, so it’s essential to be proficient in word processing software and spreadsheets programs. It is also helpful to know how to update social media accounts, desktop publishing or use any other industry-specific programs.


Be multitasking


While working in an organization, you will be required to handle multiple tasks without getting flustered. Therefore being good at multitasking helps you be good at your job. Receptionists often have to juggle more than one responsibility simultaneously. You might have to take a call, while scribbling down an address accurately and telling some visitor to wait for the concerned person all at the same time.


Thus, the ability to manage multiple tasks at the same time without getting nervous is highly appreciated in this profession.

When you apply to a receptionist job, prepare yourself for interview questions related to your multitasking abilities.

Have good interpersonal skills

There are so many aspects of a personality that if developed in the right direction has a direct and positive effect on your chances of getting success in this profession. Most Good interpersonal skills go beyond basic communication abilities. You should look for a candidate who collaborates easily, handles both giving and receiving criticism gracefully, and who rises above petty office politics. Soft skills like friendliness and likeability are especially important for the receptionist role.


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Manners matter

Along with a proper dress code and standard of appearance, receptionist needs to use manners, speak in a soft tone, be an active listener and keep a positive, smiling attitude.  You may also want to enhance your administrative qualities as quickly as possible. It is always the skills that are of paramount importance when you are out looking for a job as a receptionist. So, if you are wishing for the same go ahead and start your preparation right now!

A friendly and outgoing receptionist is often a customer’s first point of contact with a business.


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