29-Year-Old David Knopf is New CFO of $100billion American Company, Kraft Heinz

Most of you might have probably seen the name Heinz on tins or bottles of Ketchup. That’s one of the many American products that are global brands. The company producing it, which also produces Velveeta Cheese and Kraft Macaroni, is Kraft Heinz.

heinz kechup

The over-100-year-old American food processing company, with current market capitalization of $100 billion (over 35 trillion naira) and annual sales of $29 billion (over 10 trillion naira), has just appointed 29-year-old David Knopf as its Chief Finance Officer (CFO).


The CFO is the highest position any Finance person can achieve. At 29, many people are still planning to start a career in Finance. At 29, Knopf has reached the peak. He did not reach peak at Asaaje and co or his father’s company, he did so at one of the biggest companies in the world.

That’s some crazy feat.

And he graduated just 7 years ago from the Ivy League university, Princeton, where he studied economics and graduated summa cum laude (equivalent of First Class) and started with arguably the most prestigious Finance career path, Private Equity.

Knopf, who was born in 1989, is also a Partner at 3G Capital, a PE firm. Heinz recently merged with Kraft to form Kraft Heinz, a deal that has the backing of serial investor, Warren Buffet.

David Knopf

Interestingly, very little is known of the young man who is suddenly a global subject in career rise. So unknown that many publications even had to rely on his LinkedIn page for his pictures. He doesn’t even have a wikipedia entry as at the time of writing this.

Many years ago, you must have worked for more than 25 years and likely in your fifties before you rise to such level. In fact, as recently as a decade ago, reaching executive positions in one’s 40s was regarded as a big feat. Now, 20s appears to be the new 40s.

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