Will I be Rich if I study International Relations in Nigeria?

That was a question someone asked Google which came from the search terms for our website.


Okay, the question looks dumb, but we can pardon the young folk asking Google that question when everyone in this part of the world appears to go to school only as a means of extricating themselves from the shackles of poverty.


The question is most likely asked by a young school leaver wanting to write UTME and wanting to decide which course of study will make you become rich in the future.

Well, the straight answer is, no course guarantees anyone wealth. Any course of study can open doors to riches. As a matter of fact, you may even become rich if you don’t study any course at all.

Now, is International Relations a good course? We think so. Just try and make a good grade. And be smart enough to defend it.

Segun Adeniyi, former Presidential Media Adviser, studied International Relations. I’m sure he is not poor.

All the best, young man.



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