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Life, they say is not a bed of roses, but to some this is far from the truth, as they are in a world of their own and succeed absolutely in whatever they lay their hands on. Though it seems too true to be believed, but it is a fact that cannot be denied. I don’t want to bore you with stories of how life screws us all, and that we sometimes end up not getting what we actually planned for.


Now, let me ask you these sincere questions: Have you ever imagined why it’s so easy for some people to adapt to seemingly difficult situations? Have you ever pondered on the reason why that your dumb friend in secondary school suddenly becomes the brightest in the higher institution? Have you ever thought of how a friend who you started hustling together suddenly makes a breakthrough before you? Yes, you started work before him, but he has now gotten promoted but you are still dormant. You had a very bright student friend while in your early years in the university but he suddenly turned out to be one of the poorest upon graduation.


The fact is that, they did some things right while you or some other people failed to. You might be wondering what they did that you didn’t do, you read together, you started business together, and in fact you shared ideas together, you used to teach him back then in secondary school, but now he’s your Oga at the top.


Surprising,  isn’t it?


Okay, let me shock you the more. You might even have worked harder than he did but, he worked smarter. He learnt the golden rule to success anywhere in the world early enough, yes, he utilized an undermined tactic that: “What Got You Here Will Not Take You There “. You heard me right, or simply put: What got you into this present state will not take you to the next state. Yes, the things you did to succeed in your prior role will not be the same thing that you will do to succeed in this new role”


Are you doubting this tactic, Okay let’s take a look at a case study which is applicable to everyone (Including You). When, you were probably in primary school you rarely read or don’t do it at all except in few cases. But, on getting to secondary school, things changed and you started reading well even from junior classes. When you climbed the ladder to senior secondary, especially when you wanted to write your final exams, you burnt the midnight candle. Then in the university you had no choice but to read wildly and carefully.


This is a must so as to remain among the best in your class. Thus, it will be suicidal for any student not to follow this laid down procedure, in fact it will be detrimental to your success as a student if you read in the university as you do in secondary school. This is where the men are separated from the boys; this is where some people fail woefully while some excel overwhelmingly. This is where a bright student can suddenly become dumb, while the dumb become bright. This is where that newbie friend of yours in business can suddenly become your boss.


Sadly, most people don’t apply this tactic in any aspect of their lives and don’t get results. Don’t be a mediocre that does same thing always and expect a different result. Don’t expect a positive change in your life when you don’t approach life with the right attitude and mindset. The bitter truth is that every situation requires a special attention, and every problem requires a specific solution. This tactic is useful in your studies, career, job hunt, business, and in fact in your life, never take it with levity and you will surely see positive changes.


On a final Note:
I leave you with the words of  Mr Niyi Yusuf, CEO ACCENTURE NIGERIA Who in an interview with JarusHub.com, explained how not learning this tactic earlier enough almost cost him his studies while in school, he said:
“I had a resit in Mathematics. I did not take the resit exams and so carried it over into my 200 level. I was consistently the best student in my secondary school, and so was confident about my academic ability. I was also hardworking, patient, prayerful and focus on the goal (attributes I picked up from my mum while growing up). I was fortunate to have another uncle who just
graduated from UNIFE and who mentored me about the need to change my style. I need to read textbooks, practice past questions and attend tutorial classes.
All 3 things I did not do in my first semester in UNIFE as I did not need to do these 3 things while in secondary school. All I needed to do in secondary school was to attend classes, take notes, and read my notes for the exams. These were very sufficient, Later on in life, I read about that basically says “what got you here, will not take you there”. That is, the things you did that made you to succeed in your prior role will not be sufficient to make you succeed in this new role. So, the things I did that led to success in secondary school will not be sufficient to guarantee me success in Great IFE. It was a lesson I learnt the hardway”.


Over to You:
How well do you utilize this tactic? How much has it helped you? Do you prioritize it in your activities? And how has not doing it affected you?
Do make your submission in the comment box below.
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