Top 10 Universities That Produced Nigerian Investment Bankers

As LinkedIn, the global career and professional networking website, continues to innovate on ways to make the contents of its website useful for decision making, it recently introduced a data crunch that gives insight into different fields using the current titles of LinkedIn members.

For LinkedIn members in Nigeria that have ‘Investment Banking’ as part of their “Skills”, current title or job description, here are the Top 10 universities they attended:

  1. University of Lagos – 165
  2. Obafemi Awolowo University – 50
  3. University of Benin – 33
  4. University of Ibadan – 32
  5. Lagos State University – 27
  6. University of Nigeria, Nsukka – 22
  7. University of Ilorin – 19
  8. Ahmadu Bello University – 18
  9. Harvard Business School – 15
  10. The Wharton School – 14

Source: LinkedIn

Let’s say, not everyone is on LinkedIn, or not everyone has updated their current position, or not everyone gives full information on LinkedIn, this should still be representative of the population.



  • Not surprisingly, UNILAG leads. This should be very true. In fact, almost of all investment bankers I personally know graduated from UNILAG. I started my career in an IB company and almost 90% of the employees finished from UNILAG! A number of factors account for this. UNILAG, being a city university tends to expose you to a lot of information while still in school. Most IBs recruit through referrals, and UNILAG graduates already working with the IBs may just want to share recruitment information with people within their network.


  • OAU comes a distant second. I would have guessed this right too. Almost everyone within my network has worked in one Nigerian IB or the other. I think information of IB recruitment circulates among OAU Accounting and Economics graduates in particular very fast.


  • The 6 First Generation Nigerian University (UNILAG, OAU, UNN, UNIBEN, and ABU) appear in Top 8. Not surprised. We can argue on lost glory and all that, but the first generation unis have still got it.


  • UNILORIN is the only second generation in this list of Top 10 producers of Investment Bankers in Nigeria while LASU is the only state university on the list. Another predictable insight.


  • Then the big guys – Harvard and Wharton! After few years of working, most Nigerian invetsment bankers travel to these Ivy league schools to get MBA. So it is not surprising at all they appear on the list of Top 10 schools that appear on the LinkedIn profiles of Nigerian investment bankers.

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