Top 10 Universities Nigerian Management Consultants Attended

Based on LinkedIn insight, here are the top 10 universities Nigerian professionals that have management consultant as their job descriptions or job title attended

  1. University of Lagos – 445
  2. University of Ibadan – 236
  3. Obafemi Awolowo University – 227
  4. University of Benin – 146
  5. Lagos State University – 115
  6. University of Nigeria, Nsukka – 109
  7. University of Ilorin – 96
  8. Ahmadu Bello University – 95
  9. Olabisi Onabanjo University – 78
  10. University of Port Harcourt – 75

Source: LinkedIn


  • UNILAG leads in almost all rankings done for LinkedIn for different professions. It may be safe to say UNILAG is the most bankable university in Nigeria.
  • Despite not being a school with many management courses, UI comes second. Impressive. Versatility of its graduates? greatife6
  • All the 6 first generation universities represented in Top 10
  • UNILORIN and UNIPORT the two second generation university on the list
  • LASU and OOU the two state universities on the list. LASU has appeared in Top 10 in almost professions we have checked. Is LASU the most bankable state university in Nigeria?

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