Top 10 Common Mental Health Problems in Students

John Kelly

Many college going students are diagnosed with some mental health problem. A student having such problems have hard time focusing on their studies.

The following 10 mental health are most commonly found in students.

Lack of Concentration

  • ADHD: ADHD stands for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Students facing such problem have a short attention span. They will be more talkative than a normal student and will also be distracted rather easily.Hyperactivity is also one of the symptoms of this problem. This problem can be easily controlled with the help of medication.
  • Tourette syndrome: Students suffering from this disease usually have a physical or vocal tic. This is a neurological problem that develops between the young ages of 3 and 9. This problem is more commonly found in males rather than females. These physical or vocals tics not only distracts the student suffering from it but other students as well.
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders: There are several mental problems that fall under this type of disorders. These problems usually cause repetitive behavior in students. These disorders can also cause difficulty in reading and speaking. Such students also fail to maintain the social norms. These disorders are usually diagnosed at a very young age.

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Depression and Anxiety

  • Depression: The results of a survey concluded that more than 35% of college students suffer from depression. Depression can make the student suicidal if it is left untreated.
  • PTSD: PTSD stands for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. This problem is mostly developed after a student goes through a traumatic experience. This traumatic experience could be anything from a death of a loved one to some accident or incident. Students suffering from this problem usually suffer from depression and can cause self-harm.
  • Anxiety: Besides depression anxiety is another very common mental problem. Students suffering from anxiety are more prone to panic attacks. They will not be able to concentrate, will often be short of breath and will often suffer from headaches. The cause of anxiety could be anything from genetics to life experiences.
  • OCD: OCD stands for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Such students are also distracted in class. This maybe because of thought or act they have to perform repeatedly. Such students feel compelled to repeat their tasks. This habit often distracts them from their studies. Low grades and late submission of assignments are usually the symptoms of OCD in a student.

Eating Disorders

  • Bulimia Nervosa: There are many people who binge eat to reduce their stress level. This mental disorder can usually be found in overweight students. Such students binge eat to reduce their stress. Students with this disorder eat a lot while being conscious about their weight. They often induce vomiting in an attempt to lose weight.
  • Anorexia Nervosa: Some people binge eat to reduce stress while others stop eating altogether. Students with this disorder will eat nothing for days and if they do eat it will be in small portions. Such students are highly desirous to reduce their weight. This disorder is usually found in dancers and models.


  • ODD: ODD stands for Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Students suffering from this disorder are usually hostile towards teachers and other students. They are usually short tempered and vindictive.


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