Tips for Getting Entry Level Jobs in KPMG, Ernst and Young, PwC and Deloitte

Dear Jarus,
Please I need your professional advice. I’m a 300L student studying Economics and statistics. An AAT graduate, I’m currently at the last level of ICAN(Professional) of which I intend writing by May 2018.
I intend working with the big fours once am out of the university. I’m 22 years now and I might likely leave school with a first class by the special grace of God.
I need some clarifications on what I need to do before I graduate to better my chances viz- a-vis other professional certifications I can add to my bag once I qualify as an ACA come May 2018.
I have an eye on the following certifications: CFA, ACCA, MBA, CIS, CISA, CIPM. Please advise me on the next step I could take now before my graduating from school to better my chances of getting to EY, KPMG, PWC etc.
Dear Ayo,
Graduating at 23, with a First Class, and ACA qualified, I think you have all it takes for the labour market, and for Big 4 in particular.
That’s a strong CV, you only need to start practising job tests and read about interviews (we have loads of info on interview tips on JarusHub here), and you should not have a problem securing job at any Big 4.
Thankfully, they recruit every year (twice a year even), so you are guaranteed of relevant opening anytime you finish your NYSC.
Just keep watching out for adverts by them through sites like Nairaland jobs section, hotnigerianjobs etc, and throw in your CV once you see one.
I will advise you rest after securing your ACA and once you get your first job, decide which of these other professional exams you can give a try. By then you would have had a clear career path – or idea of it. But if you must write one, you may start with CIS before or during your NYSC. I’m not sure you can write CFA before starting working. You don’t need CIPM.
All the best.

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