Things to Consider Before Making a New Career Move

Ranar Jones

When you are deciding to take your career in the right direction, it always gives you a tough time.

Sometimes, you go through really hard times that prepare you for future too. Making the right choice

for a job is one of the most challenging and rewarding things throughout the career; it may make you or

break you. Although salary is important, it does not always spell happiness. Following are a few things

that help in weighing the importance of some new position in a company.

1. Benefits

You must remember that a basic salary is just one part of your potential compensation package. There

are a lot more benefits like insurance, paid time off, equity bonuses, retirement contribution should be

considered and negotiated before signing the offer letter.

2. Hours

Not every job that you aim is a 9 to 5. It is advisable to understand the expectations of your potential

employee for regular working hours before committing to a job. Moreover, you must have an idea of

how much over-time hours are allowed. Apart from it, if you are taking a job with unhabitual hours,

make sure how the change will affect your life.

3. Office Culture

Discovering the company’s office culture is one of the most elusive decision-making factors. Since you

have not been with the employees working there, it is hard to know if they are happy, enjoy working for

the company, and feel like their work is valued. Although answers to some questions about team-

building events, flexible hours, and reviews before taking a start could be helpful to a bit.

4. Passion

It is also a good indicator of your success in future. If you are passionate about the company’s mission

and work you do, make sure the potential co-workers feels must feel the same way. Such unified vision

and values keep the company’s atmosphere afloat and indicates if a job is good fit.


5. The Team

A team of workers and office culture are the things which are directly proportional to each other. So, it

is a good idea to know as many people as you can when manager is talking about the team’s talent and

dedication during the interview process. In addition, it is also important to know about personnel

hierarchy and do research about the people who are going to be your managers.

6. Growth Opportunities

During the interview process, make sure to ask about the opportunities to grow within the company. It

will not only help you picture a better future with that employer, but gives the hiring manager hints

about you are looking forward to invest your time and talent in the company for long-term. Plus,

examining their website and social media pages also give a sense about how long the things have been

going in a well-defined position.

7. Educational Opportunities

Obviously, you want to work for a company that supports and encourages you for growth. In this regard,

you are required to gain additional education sometimes. Ask if the company provides any benefits for

continuing education or earning a professional degree; and also if it really enjoys taking advantage of

such resources.

8. History and Stability of the Company

Before making anything official, it is stressed enough to do a bit of research about the potential

employer. If any, figure out the company’s track record of layoffs and also know its reasons for making

headlines (whether reaching a new audience, expanding the business or raising red flags like financial

troubles and legal issues). On the other hand, where it is exciting joining a new firm or startup, it is a

huge risk at the same time.



Ranar Jones is a freelancer who has written a lot of entrepreneurial content. A specialist in content

creation and promotion, he enjoys covering topics like project management, strategic management, and

human resource management. Since he has worked on many digital campaigns with many established

stakeholders, a life experience college degree is awarded for all such exceptional work to him. He

believes that content should be written with some specific goals in mind; the words should be engaging

enough to generate lead and ultimately sales. Ranar spends his leisure hours in playing soccer, which he was very good at during college days. It makes him feel good for a change.


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