Sundry Questions and Answers on Courses of Study (VI)

Sir, I applied for Nursing at Babcock University but after the screening I was offered another course, which are, Science and Technology, Agriculture & Industrial Technology. I have little challenge in solving physics and I don’t know which one is more marketable.


Marketability is hardly by course again. It is by excellence, by how good you are, how much efforts you make. Any of them is OK.  If I were to rank the three alternatives given to you, I may go like this:

1, Science & Technology
2, Industrial Technology
3, Agriculture.

All the best.


Which one is preferable between industrial chemistry or biochemistry or anatomy or geophysics?


Again, it is hardly by course, but if we were to rank, we will go like this:

1, Geophysics

2, Anatomy

3, Biochemistry

4, Industrial chemistry


With due respect sir, I humbly help me out of this. I had E8 in English and D7 in Maths but others were perfect and I am a science student. Which course can I get in to in science or any other faculty?
Thank you sir.


It is better for your to rewrite WAEC/NECO/GCE to make credit in English and Math.


Hello JarusHub, please I need your candid advice. I wrote JAMB this year and I opted for Finance in UNILAG. I had 225 and my WAEC isn’t too strong; had C parallel. Please advice me as your younger brother that I’m not. Do I keep my hope in UNILAG or I apply for a change of course. Please candid advice needed.


Tight one. I seriously doubt you can get admission into Finance UNILAG with that score. It is a very competitive course. Change of course wont be bad.


Sir, please what can I study with these subjects:

Maths  C5

English C5

Commerce C4

Government C4

Literature C4

Marketing C4

Yoruba B3


This should get you admitted into Political science, Sociology, Marketing or Public Administration


What can I study and which school will admit me with these grades:
English D7

Maths C4,

Physics E8,

Econ C6,

Biology C6,

Chemistry C5,

Agric F9,

Civics D7

Yoruba D7

JAMB score is 200



Frankly, I would advise you rewrite your SSCE/GCE to have Credit in English. It may affect you, if not now, in the future when searching for job.


Which course will I study with:
Marketing B3
Economics C5
Government B3
Literature D7
Civic education B2
English C6
Igbo A1
Maths B3
Biology D7?


Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Public Administration and related courses. Virtually every social sciences course.


Please sir can I study Political Science with
English C6
Maths C6
Government D3
Literature-in-English D7
Civic Education B3
Data processing D7
Agricultural science C4
Igbo A1
or which other course can I study with it sir?


This should get you Political Science.

Please sir what Can I study with these results
English C6
Maths B3
Literature  D7
Economic E8
Agriculture B3
Marketing D7
Government E8
Civic C6?


Without economics and/or government, you can’t get admission into Social Sciences. We can only think of Religious Studies in Arts or Agriculture Extension for this.


Sir, which course of study can I study with these results:

Marketing E8


Economics B3

Government D7

Literature C6

Civic Education C5

English D7

Math D7

Agricultural science B3?


It is advisable that you go and rewrite WAEC or write GCE to pass English and Math and at least 3 other subjects. No good school will offer you admission with this result. It may affect you in the future when seeking for jobs.


With this result:
Maths C5
English C4
Civic Education C4
Literature-in-English c4
Government E8
Biology D7

can I study economics/accounting?

Yes for economics; for accounting, in some schools, you must do and pass Accounting. So that depends on the school.


I want to study Law in the university and I have written WAEC two times. I wrote in 2015 and my result was this:

CRS D7, Econonomics E8, Government D7, Literature C6, Civic C4, English C6, Igbo B3, and Biology C6,

so it wasn’t goodd.

I rewrote in 2016 and got:

CRS A1, Computer B3, Govt c5, Literature D7, Civic A1, English C6, Igbo f9, Mathematics C6, and Biology C4,

I am so much confused now. Please help me out with your advice. Can I use the once I passed this year to replace the ones I failed last year.



You can combine the two results for schools that accept combination.


All the best.



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