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Uchechi Moses

Uchechi is a Business Development Associate at JarusHub

Roland just finished school in the north-central region of Nigeria, quickly got called up for his compulsory NYSC scheme and was posted to the Peoples’ Paradise – Calabar, Cross River State, where he will serve for 12 months. Roland like many Nigerian youths desire to get a job, but unfortunately he does not know about the job market other than hearing job sites here and there. He is a novice in writing CVs, although he has some accomplishments to his name, like representing his school in quiz competition in Abuja during his sophomore, coming second and finishing top 5% of his graduating class. However, he does not know how to articulate these in his CV. Heck, he is even lost when he hears CV and cover letter.


Employers, on the other hand, get lots of applications from candidates that are even more qualified than Roland, post-graduate degrees, certifications, very intimidating CVs etc. And with the Taleo Service, they constantly screen out candidates to pick the very best.

Question is: How can Roland ensures his CV interest the HR Managers So that he gets called for a test? Upon passing the test(s), there are other stages:

* Assessment Centres

* Group Interviews

* Technical Interview

* Partner’s/GMD Interview, and lots of other stages.


Roland is perplexed! Na so e be to get job for we country? The process long die!!!!

Coupled with his naivety and lack of adequate resources, Roland finds it difficult to get a good job and blames it on “man-know-man” or “payment in kind”. However, due to the fact that there are other applicants out there fighting for this same job Roland desires and utilise the best resources in the land, they get the jobs faster. And why has Roland not being getting shortlisted for interviews notwithstanding his “acclaimed” profile:

His CV is quite awful, where:

  • Instead of being a leader, he looks like a follower.
  • Instead of getting results, he is getting nothing.
  • Instead of being attentive to detail, he is attentive to triviality.
  • And instead of being a resourceful employee, he looks like a nerd.

There is good news in the land, however. A firm with the right professionals specialised in CV and Cover Letter writing (it is one thing to write and another for it to catch the fancy of the HR Manager) and interview preparations (Interviews goes beyond talk talk) is in the land. These professionals have the requisite experiences, tools and knowledge to put you through the process of landing the job. Yes, Roland passed tests with his knowledge and largely bland CV, but the probability of getting invites to pass another is hard. What more? The CV becomes important during the interview stage, coupled with his poor interview experience and knowledge, it is a mogbe situation for Roland!


He hears about this “CV” firm from a colleague who managed to tell him (not everyone divulges information these days, especially quality and invaluable information) and buys their services: CV, Cover Letter and Interview session. Two weeks after applying at one of the Big 4, Roland gets called for a test (same firm that did not invite him 6 months ago oh). He passes and gets called for another stage, Situational Judgement Test, which he passes (what a proper CV and Cover Letter confidence can do for you!) and gets invited for the assessment centre at her headquarters.

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He gets brushed on by the professionals, learns how to talk, what to say, when to talk, how to demonstrate what you mean. These under two intensive hours, Roland doubts his final exams intensity after going through JarusHub’s schooling. Intensity pass intensity! With the confidence JarusHub has bestowed on Bro Roland, he strolls into firm’s HQ in VI, and dazzles through the interview stage and Partners at the Partner’s Interview. A fortnight after, he receives a mail informing him of success at the interviews and getting the job! One needs to see how Roland is ecstatic to understand his joy. With just one year to grow pass the age used by most firms for employing entry level employees, Rolly (as fondly called by friends) gets a job, not just anywhere but with a top firm and one of the Big 4.


Unfortunately, there are many Rolands out there, but there is a JarusHub for you. Wouldn’t you rather get your dream job through us? (Apologies to GTB).

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