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Response to student enquiries by JarusHub Academic guidance team:

Pls I scored 210 in my UTME, and I wrote English, Government, Economics and Geography. Also I got B2 in my Islamic Studies, B2 in English, C6 in Literature A1 in Government ,and B3 in Mathematics, the same thing in other subjects. With this result can I go for common an Islamic Law?

Your WAEC result is perfect. The UTME score appears low, but depending on school, it may get you Islamic Law. There is no fixed cut off as it depends on school, so just go find out from the school you chose.

Sir this my result



Civic- C6



Government -C4
Lit in English -D7

Economics- F9

Please sir what course can I study? I got 223 in JAMB for mass communication.

Credit in Literature is a requirement for Mass Comms in almost all good schools, but you didn’t have credit there. But your reuslt can you Sociology, Political Science etc.


We wish you all the best.

JarusHub Team


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