Sira Jarus,
I’ve gotten quite helpful career advice from your posts on JarusHub, I pray for more wisdom for you, Sir.
I’m a 21 year old lady with 2:1 in Economics, I’ve always had my eye on investment banking, I’ve tried getting several internships but the distorted calendar of my school wouldn’t let me. I intend taking some professional exams in Nigeria during NYSC which is the CIS (Chartered Insitute of Stockbrokers of Nigeria) and ICEN (Institute of Chartered Economists of Nigeria) before going international for the CFA which I’ve heard is quite hard.

Also, I plan to have my masters in Financial economics. I’ve taken time to read through several financial news through platforms like Business day, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, etc and I’m also getting to know several investment terms and updates, just as I’m also getting myself acquainted with the Nigerian stock markets.

Sir, I’ll love to know if CIS and ICEN are very lucrative as regards to my chosen path and if they’re compatible and also if MSc. Financial economics will go along.
Thanks a lot Sir.




Dear Mary,

Good to know you find our website helpful.
CIS is fine to start with, but to be frank, I will not recommend ICEN.
Msc Financial Economics is fine too.
But most importantly, I will advise you try and get decent Investment Banking institutions to gain experience after your NYSC.
I wish you all the best.
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