Dear  Jarus
My name’s Emeka, and I’m a university aspirant who wishes to study Accountancy. I graduated from secondary school in 2013 and due to unfavourable circumstances I’ve been unable to secure admission to study my dream course. I’ve secured good UTME scores over the years and I acknowledge my turning a blind eye to Polytechnics, but I always have the inclination to try again, just try again.

Someone recently advised me to go for Business Admin and start ICAN immediately while doing my best to get good grades on both fields. Since Bus Admin is less competitive than Accountancy and my past UTME scores could have secured me admission for that course. Mr Jarus, please I need your insight and professional advice on this as I intend on registering for UTME 2017 very soon.

Thank you sir.


graduation cap


Dear Emeka,

I agree with your adviser. Enrol for a less competitive, easier-to-be-admitted-into Business Administration and enrol for ICAN immediately. If you complete your ICAN before graduating, you will even be considered for accounting job before an accounting graduate without ICAN.
What’s more, course of study hardly matters again. For many jobs that an accounting graduate will be shortlisted for, a Business Administration job will also be considered for it.
So I agree with the suggestion of the person that advised you.
I wish you all the best.
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