Must Employer Increase Employee’s Salary After Professional Qualifications?

Dear JarusHub Team

I qualified as a chartered accountant recently. My firm has still not upgraded my pay package till now. I’m tired of this patience. I’m broke and can’t even boast of any tangible asset. I’ve spent close to 3 years there. Please advice me. I’ve made moves to talk with my MD’s wife. And still no result yet.




Dear Adamu,

That you thought of talking to the MD’s wife to help you out shows it’s a one-man company.

Why not make efforts to move to another company?

That said, unfortunately, if your company does not have the policy of upgrading a staff after professional qualifications, they are not bound to increase your salary just because you now have ICAN certificate. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a one-man company or structured large company. Don’t forget you are still doing the same job you were doing before had ICAN.
JarusHub Team
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