Msc Finance or Msc Accounting?

Dear Jarus,

My name is George, an ardent follower of JarusHub. I presently need an advice on the the right MSc programme to run. I studied Accounting and I am also ICAN qualified. I need your views on whether to pursue an MSc in Accounting or Finance. Does one really outweigh the other? The candid truth is I feel the need to do something different from Accounting.


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Dear George,

Except you want to do PhD in Accounting, I don’t see any reason you should choose Msc Accounting. Your ICAN qualification is enough for a career in accounting. In fact, Bsc Accounting will almost be redundant as it hardly gives you any edge over someone that studied, say Agric, and is also ICAN qualified. Now, you want to add Msc Accounting to the mix. Someone with ICAN qualification irrespective of other courses studied, will get almost any job you will get with your Bsc Accounting + Msc Accounting + ICAN.

So this is no brainer for me, go for Msc Finance. With this your options are wider. You can go for Accounting or Finance job.

I wish you all the best.



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