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JarusHub, Nigeria’s numero uno career resources website, is in partnership with JobTestPrep UK, one of the world’s leading preparation institutes for job assessment tests.

Like we mentioned in a number of articles we published here in the past, test taking skill is very critical to landing the desired job for our teeming graduates. And if you think job test writing is only for the entry level applicants, you obviously have not been shortlisted for Chevron Nigeria’s experienced level recruitment programme.

Who will find JTP resources useful?

1, University and polytechnic students, especially those in or close to final year: The earlier you start familiarizing yourself with job tests taking exercises, the brighter your chance of getting your dream job quickly after leaving school.

2, Youth Corps Members: We always advise ‘corpers’ to use their service year to prepare themselves for the skills needed to get jobs quickly. Mastering the art of test taking is very key.

3, Unemployed graduates: Unemployed graduates still earching for jobs should seize the opportunity offered by the period of search to read valuable materials on tests and interview. I recommend JTP as a reliable medium to perfect this art.

4, Employed people looking for job switch: Most young Nigerians in their first 2-3 years of employment are usually looking for better opportunities elsewhere. Most companies don’t consider the 1-2 years experience as significant and will require you to still write test. Whether you have been invited for test or not, JTP should be your friend.

5, Experienced hires: JTP resources cover the entire chain of job selection – from tests to interviews, and all the types of tests. Their materials will be useful for even experienced people.

The resources available on JobTestPrep platform include:

Psychometric TestsJarushub logo

Aptitude tests (banks and many other recruiters)
Personality tests (e.g Total downstream/Dragnet first stage)
Group exercises (e.g Shell’s SRD)

Reasoning Tests

Numerical reasoning (almost all recruiters)
Verbal reasoning (almost all recruiters)
Inductive reasoning (e.g Mobil)
Abstract reasoning (e.g Mobil, Chevron first stage)
Financial reasoning (e.g Chevron’s second stage for Finance positions)
Mechanical reasoning (e.g Shell’s Graduate Technical Programme)

It is also noteworthy that SHL is the most popular test system Nigerian companies adopt now. JTP has all SHL resources for your practice and purchase.

GMAT free and premium kits are also available for those preparing for admission or entry level job tests.

JTP also offer other services like:

Interview preparation (job and admission)
Skype interview
CV builder
Face-to-face practice, etc.

You can practice for free all tests here.

You may purchase full tests prep kits here and come back for testimonials like these folks.