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      • Freelancers • I need somebody that can mobilize 200 Nigerians for a WhatsApp Seminar and get paid N200,000
        Posted by Maclatunji on September 21, 2017 at 20:35

        I need somebody that can mobilize 200 Nigerians for a WhatsApp Seminar and get paid N200,000 for it. All you need to do is to give me your list of prospects that paid into our account and Godwilling, we will confirm in 3 working days after that you have your money. No long story.What if you don’t reach the 200 target? You get N1,000 multiplied by the number of people you brought.For example, you brought 20 people, you get N20,000. You brought 5 people you get N5,000.We have the capacity to deliver on paying you. The question is if you have the capacity to deliver the people?If you think you can, contact me on WhatsApp 08085404500.Like I wrote earlier, I don't have time for story, just deliver, get your money. We are all happy.Thank you.Statistics: Posted Posted by Maclatunji — Thu Sep 21, 2017 9:35 pm […]

        Posted by shafer on September 21, 2017 at 14:07

        Thanks for this beneficial post.Statistics: Posted Posted by shafer — Thu Sep 21, 2017 3:07 pm […]

        Posted by marcdon on September 21, 2017 at 13:47

        Entrepreneurship is the sure way to fight unemployment but it comes with series of challenges and whoever overcome such challenges is more likely to succeed in business. You will agree with me that where we are currently is as a result of the set back and challenges we overcome in time pass. Evere challenges we overcome in life pave way for our success and we must have to take a risky adventure to achieve success.Most people prefer to settle in their confort zone or engage in a 8 -5 slavery work under harsh working condition rather than to take risk to secure a brigh future. From their point of view, they may be afraid of failure or not willing to go through risk. The foundation of success is attitude and risk taking is one of the fundamental attribute of an entrepreneur. Success involves taking calculated risk. Risk taking does not means gambling foolishly and behaving irresponsibly. Risk taking is not the popular sport betting like bet naija or pool. People do mistake irresponsible behavior as risk taking but its far more than that. Many opportunities are loss because of indecision. Flash back or recall opportunities or business ideas that you would have executed but you were afraid to risk it.The reasons why risk takers are more likely to succeed are;1. Taking risk shows confidence and helps you stand out: when others withdraw to their safety zone, risk takers stands out and thus easily become leaders2. Risk takers increase in knowledge: knowledge is vital to success. Risk takers increase their knowledge because they are willing to undergo a process that will provide such knowledge. As a consequence of this knowledge they can navigate future steps and sail through difficult water.3. They pursue new opportunities:Risk takers are not afraid of change, and they pursue new oppprtunities actively. They dont wait for success to comr, they pursue it4. They are not afraid to fail;Fear of failure is one of the greatest fear stopping many people from achieving their dreams. Risk takers do not suffer much from debilitating fear. The more risk you take the less you see anything that can stop you. You are practically unstoppable because risk taken strenghtens your will to keep on going no matter what. Risk takers are unstoppable.5. They set higher standard:Risk takers dream big, aim high and they pride them selves about that and once they have reached their goal, they wont settle for the average and aim a little higher standardStatistics: Posted Posted by marcdon — Thu Sep 21, 2017 2:47 pm […]

      • Writers • Frequently Asked Questions By Would-Be-Writers (4)
        Posted by Kazrem on September 21, 2017 at 13:30

        Q: How Do I Get Readers Read My Articles Every time?Me: We are different and as such, different things attract us differently and at at different time and situation. For instance, in the morning, I like to read motivation or inspiration articles but they don't attract my attention in the mid day because I that time what I need to get going is crab ribbing articles. So there is no general rule to what attract attention of readers. Nevertheless, I will answer the question in two series. First as writer and next week I will answer it as a personal effectiveness strategist. So lurk around.As a writer, these are article titles that catches my attention always.I read a lot that you should know by now. From politics to economy, family to academics. I have to. I don't want to be shallow-minded when I write.As much as I read a lot, there are articles (online reading has significantly replaced my reading of books), that I don't bother to open let alone read them. Not because they are not worth reading of do not have valuable contents but partly because their title didn't catch attention. On the contrary, there are also many articles that catch my attention with just a glance at that their titles. Here are some of the types of article titles and why.1. Articles That Begin With "How". It proves solution to a problem. If you want to get at me completely, use yourself as an example. For example, How I Turn #100,000 Into #1000,000 rearing snails. Or, How I Make $1m Even As Drop Out. I bet you too would be interested to read such articles headed with those titles.2. Titles Against The Norms. I just read an article by Angela now, titled, "Experience Is Not The Best Teacher". That is a shocker because the norm is experience is the best teacher. So for someone to say it is not, I will want to know. Whether the writer proves it right or wrong is another thing but she had succeeded in grabbing the much needed attention.3. A Listing Article. As human, I don't like a loose end article. An article that do not specify what and how exactly what I want to gain in the article. Article titles like 5 Practicable Ways To Make Your Wife Love You More, 7 Simple Tricks To Turn Your Phone Into A Money Making Machine, 9 Proved Ways To Make It As A Nigerian Abroad (These are good scintillating titles for writers who are creative. I know how to so this well). I don't think twice before opening such articles. If they can attract my attention, they can do same for you and others. We are all human only with little differences.What's my point in all of these? You can get people read your article every time with an attention grabbing titles. Yoruba would say literally that we don't know a good soup by mere look at it but by tasting it. The taste of your article is the title. Learn how to create compelling titles and use them regularly. That's how you get people read your article per time.Till next week when I will share another way on how to make your readers read your article, do keep writing.To your writing, I am committed.Abolore KazeemAmazon #1 Bestselling Author of Write To Stardom.PS: Erratic power plus school commitment plus poor Glo network didn't make me post Monday's Writing Tip and Wednesday's Writing Challenge. Stay around for both.Statistics: Posted Posted by Kazrem — Thu Sep 21, 2017 2:30 pm […]

      • Students • 25th and Staffing Graduate Trainee Recruitment 2017
        Posted by marcdon on September 21, 2017 at 13:18

        25th and Staffing is a global human resource company borne out of vision to provide high value human resources, unparalleled customer experience and business advisory solutions to organizations and individuals. We specialize in recruitment, outsourcing and training.We are recruiting to fill the position below:Job Position: Graduate TraineeJob Location: LagosJob Level: Entry levelSkills and QualificationsBasic Qualifications: Bachelor's degree with a minimum of Second class lower from a recognized tertiary institution We require candidates who will be discharged from NYSC by October 2017 only. Candidates should not be more than 25 years of age.Preferred Qualifications: Students with degrees in business, finance, marketing, with strong leadership experience are preferred. Strong interpersonal, leadership and communication skills Ability to work in a dynamic, collaborative environment Strong ability to influence, analytical, problem solving and conceptual skillsJob Description You may sometimes be required to visit different working fields in order to get on hand working experience. You may be required to make presentations which a training session demands on the basis of which you may be evaluated. You have to pass the entire test in order to work for the company and need to show your competence for working. You may be asked to keep records for the company and may be required to come up with new ideas for the improvement in the basic conditions of the company. You will be required to attend all the training classes which give you basic information about various sectors of the company You may work under the supervision of senior employers and may be asked to do research work for the company. You may be asked to document the trend of the budget of the company and other such related work.Deadline22nd September, 2017Apply Here >>All qualified candidates should send their Application letters and CV's to: using ‘Graduate Trainee’ as the subject of the email.Note Please ensure that you meet the basic requirements before applying for this position. Only qualified candidates would be contacted.Statistics: Posted Posted by marcdon — Thu Sep 21, 2017 2:18 pm […]

      • Interns • CornerStone Staffing Graduate Summer Internship Programme 2017
        Posted by marcdon on September 21, 2017 at 13:07

        Our Client, a big player in the FMCG Industry, is looking to recruit a Summer Interns. The internship program is designed to provide real-world experience that is directly related to your academic discipline and career goals and provide you a better understanding of career options for your degree. Components of the program include: Hands-on experience working as a member of a specific department and team. Assigned projects to accelerate learning of key functions/process. Cross-functional departmental exposures within the corporate office. Tours and exposure to other business areas (e.g., stores, distribution center) to ensure full understanding of the company structure and strategy. End of program presentation of project findings, and recommended course of action to executives.The following internship positions are currently available: Marketing, Sales, Commercial, HR, IT, Supply Chain, Finance, Customer Operations.REQUIREMENT Years of Related Professional Experience: 1 - 2 years Minimum of 2:1 Recent graduates can be considered/About to complete and/or completed NYSC Proficient in word, excel, power point, etc. Good written and verbal communication skills. A passion for retail, and interested in being part of crafting the future of retail.CLICK TO APPLY https://cornerstone-staffing.has-jobs.c ... s/134191/0Statistics: Posted Posted by marcdon — Thu Sep 21, 2017 2:07 pm […]

        Posted by marcdon on September 21, 2017 at 11:42

        MTN Nigeria - The leader in telecommunications in Nigeria, and a part of a diverse community in Africa and the Middle East, our brand is instantly recognisable. It is through our compelling brand that we are able to attract the right talents who we carefully nurture by continuously improving our employment offerings even beyond reward and recognition.Job Description To provide comprehensive assistance in project initiation, planning, execution, control and closure to facilitate IS project related activities Assist in compiling project charter including projecting project scope, problem statement and goal statement. Assist with project-planning in line with recommended tool sets. Track project activities and compliance with planning guidelines and project plans. Co-ordinate input and maintains plans throughout project life cycle. Gather project status and assist in providing with up to date information on all projects (where applicable) to Project Manager. Track and monitor identified risks and proactively escalate risks in accordance with related escalation rules (where applicable) and procedures. Measure progress per work stream and team members against weekly targets and deliverables. Schedule and track quality assurance reviews and assist with formal project success reviews. Organise and facilitate project meetings, sessions and workshops and document minutes of project meetings, weekly reports or any other reports identified as relevant to the project. Prepare and circulate project status update reports. Assist with negotiating and administering supplier contracts and service level agreements and build good working and professional relationship with suppliers and subcontractors. Provide insight into essential project metrics, monitor and execute SLAs to stakeholders. Keep abreast of business process changes and communicate these to team members. Develop reports as required by the IS Project Manager Build and maintain relationships within and outside IS Support the IS Project Manager in project executionJob Condition Normal MTNN working conditions May be required to work extended hours Open plan officeExperience & Training First degree in any related discipline Minimum of 3 years’ experience in an area of specialisation; with experience with working with others Experience working in a medium organization Training Project Management – PMP ITIL foundation Project planning and control Microsoft Project Visio Business writing skills General management skills Presentation skills Report writing skills Effective time management Process mappingApplication Closing Date28th September, 2017.How to ApplyInterested and qualified candidates should link below to apply ... ancyID=394Statistics: Posted Posted by marcdon — Thu Sep 21, 2017 12:42 pm […]

        Posted by marcdon on September 21, 2017 at 11:27

        The British Government is an inclusive and diversity-friendly employer. We value difference, promote equality and challenge discrimination, enhancing our organisational capability. We welcome and encourage applications from people of all backgrounds. We do not discriminate on the basis of disability, race, colour, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, veteran status or other category protected by law. We promote family-friendly flexible working opportunities, where operational and security needs allow.We are recruiting to fill the vacant position below:Job Title: Regional Capacity Building Assistant (French Speaking)Ref No: 18/17 LOSLocation: LagosGrade: A2 (L)Slot: 2Type of Position: Fixed TermDuration of Post: 12 monthsJob Category: Other British Government Departments (Partners across Government, including UK Visas)Job Subcategory: Immigration Enforcement International (formerly RALON)Main Purpose of JobThe British Deputy High Commission is looking to recruit a Regional Training Assistant to work in the Immigration and Enforcement International, Immigration Enforcement International (IEI) office. IEI have secured funding for a programme of border capacity building / development of host nation law enforcement organisations located in West Africa. The objectives of this programme are: Improved border and migration management capacity in key irregular migration source countries - supporting a reduction in irregular migration flows. Improved capacity to sustainably re-integrate and rehabilitate returned migrants, including Victims of Trafficking - supporting increased returns and improved protection for vulnerable groups. Improve the co-operation of host nations on the tackling of the push factors that drive irregular migration at source - supporting a reduction in irregular migration flows. Improved Value For Money – Working with host nations to prevent and reduce illegal immigration to the UK to reduce associated costs to the UK taxpayer. Building the capacity of key partners through frequent, targeted, responsive and intelligent liaison/expertise transfer as a more cost effective approach than large scale programming and/or equipment investment. Improved security system management through building capability to detect fraudulent documents and prevent inadequately documented passengers from travelling; increasing investigation and intelligence skills to tackle the underlying criminality behind immigration crime.The Successful candidate will be responsible for assisting the Regional Training Officer in the capacity building programme in Overseas Development Aid ODA countries, specifically West Africa. The role will focus on developing technical knowledge and strengthening institutional capacity on migration, human trafficking and border security management, aiming at long-term sustainability. The programmes aim to build capacity in three areas: Developing institutional capacity; Developing human capacity; and Developing operational capacity.Roles and Responsibilities /what will the jobholder be expected to achieve?The successful candidate will assist in researching trends in visa applications, dealing with passengers referred to the BDHC by airlines and checking application details against confidential databases. Duties will include: Working closely with existing IEI teams overseas and assist Regional Training Officer to build Capacity in West Africa. Assist in developing and managing a clear, coherent programme/capacity building plans. Working with UK Home Office training teams develop and deliver training courses, as well as "training of trainers" programmes in order to facilitate knowledge sharing. This will include accurate translation of training material into the French language as well as delivery of training around the West Africa region in French. Provide ancillary administrative support to the Regional Training Officer and Immigration Liaison Manager (ILM) on travel and accommodation arrangements as well as diarising and booking venues to provide training. Assist the Regional Training officer and ILM in managing financial/budgetary plans, exercise quality control over all procedures and documents, and ensure proper follow-up as necessary. Assist in the coordination of timely submission of reporting on programmes, including ad hoc, monthly, interim, quarterly, annual and end-of-project reports.Essential Qualifications and Experience Fluent in French language skills Must possess good computer skills with familiarity with software packages MS Word, Excel and straightforward databases.Desirable qualifications and experience: Previous experience in a training environment is preferableRequired Competencies: Seeing the Big Picture, Making Effective Decisions, Leading and Communicating, Collaborating and PartneringOther benefits and Conditions of Employment: The sucsessful candidate will be working closely with the existing IEI teams overseas and assist Regional Training Officer to build Capacity in West Africa. This is a flexible role and may involve occasional and on short notice travel throughout West and East Africa. Employment will be subject to obtaining the appropriate security clearance. Please note that only nationals of the UK, EU countries, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are likely to be able to meet this requirement.Starting monthly salaryN381, 775Application Closing Date2nd October, 2017.Start Date 1st November, 2017.Method of ApplicationInterested and qualified candidates should:Click to apply ... -LOS/en-GBAdditional Information Applicants that are successful in obtaining an interview will be asked to demonstrate their proficiency of the French language in a short exercise. There will be a written and oral part to the exercise. Any suitably qualified member of existing BHC*/DFID/British Council staff (who currently hold SC clearance) wishing to submit an application must also seek approval from their line manager prior to applying Only electronic applications will be accepted. You must also enclose a copy of your passport bio-data page together with any visa which permits you to work in Nigeria. Internal applicants should also submit the above, with a copy of their most recent 24 months of appraisal evidence (i.e. two full appraisals, or however many abridged appraisals, minutes etc to make up two years’ worth of evidence) Employees recruited locally by the British Deputy High Commission in Lagos are subject to the Terms and Conditions of Service according to local employment law in Nigeria. All applicants must be legally able to work in the country of application with the correct visa/status or work permit. Employees who are not eligible to pay local income tax: e.g. certain third-country nationals and spouses/partners of UK diplomats will have their salaries abated by an equivalent amount. Reference and security clearances checks will be conducted. Any questions you may have about this position will be answered during the interview, should you be invited. Information about the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Competency Framework can be found on this link: Complete the application form in full as the information provided will be used for screening purposes. Check your application and attachments before you submit your application, as you will not be able to make any changes once submitted. The British Deputy High Commission will never ask you to pay a fee or money to apply for a position.Statistics: Posted Posted by marcdon — Thu Sep 21, 2017 12:27 pm […]

      • Managers • SABmiller plc is recruiting for country solution manager in Lagos
        Posted by marcdon on September 20, 2017 at 14:23

        SABMiller is in the beer and soft drinks business, bringing refreshment and sociability to millions of people all over the world who enjoy our drinks. We do business in a way that improves livelihoods and helps build communities. We are passionate about brewing and have a long tradition of craftsmanship, making superb beer from high quality natural ingredients.Key Roles and Responsibilities Accountable for the successful end-to-end execution of Business and IT service delivery to the Africa country and BU clusters Engage and align with the Zone HQ services and Operations function to ensure high level directional alignment. Provide leadership to local services and operations teams and build a team that is exceptionally customer-oriented, delivers business value and is well respected within country/BU The CSM will be responsible for the solutions operations and solution personnel in country. This person holds accountability for local target setting in alignment with global and regional solution goals. Driving solutions value contribution and excellent service to the AB Inbev business while ensuring compliance with policies, strategies and processes, the CSM and BU Lead also has functional and managerial responsibility for the In country solutions team allocated to the BU. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to develop and monitor the solutions budget in the country from a leadership position: acting as a change agent in leading the implementation of new zonal solution initiatives. You will be managing vendor relationships at country level, as well as the relationships with key internal and BU stakeholders. Provide data-based evaluation of the problem spaces and initiatives through robust business case development and review Work within the solutions organization in the country and BU to manage business case led realization and efficiency driven initiatives. Identify and pursue opportunities for synergy from aligning technologies, tools and platforms. Act as facilitator between the Zone HQ Solutions CoEs and the Cluster Solutions teams in order to ensure local acceptance of new solutions initiatives. Follow up on solutions compliance requirements; define and take corrective actions to improve country risk management and compliance, supported by Zone CoEs and BU Lead Manage supplier/vendor relationships on country level As the solutions BU cluster lead, you will be an ambassador for solutions, reinforcing and promoting best practice across the end-to-end IT process to ensure end users are following solutions channel guidance. Proactively organize sessions with internal customers to identify further operational synergy opportunities, in alignment with Solutions Zone HQ CoE teams. You will also be responsible for Managing your team in a way that improves and reinforces solutions profile and recognition within the internal customer community. Coordinate resource allocation to support Africa Solution initiatives on a country level Shape the BU/country solutions agenda to achieve the Zone and Business Unit targets for growth, efficiency, a positive work-place and making a difference in society. Collaborate with the country functional leadership and the BU to understand the challenges and opportunities and realise solutions to address these needs. Continuously track country solutions performance (utilizing data/reports provided by the CoEs) Lead or support country Business development activities such as setting up cross functional review meetings with functional teams in order to improve performance and further reduce cost in alignment with Zone solutions HQ team Manage relationship with Zone CoE Leads, review solutions BU Performance, KPIs and SLAs and agree on joint improvement actions. Manage internal customer feedback on solutions organization and vendor performance Within the framework of the cross functional solutions and vendor development teams, closely develop and manage the relationship with internal customers Initiate and conduct country solutions performance review meetings to define improvement plans and follow up on execution (as part of on-going operations as well as initiate technical competency audits) Identify potential vendor contract improvement opportunities and re-negotiations, in alignment with Zone CoEs Manage internal customer relationships and satisfaction on BU/country/local level Representing the solutions function at the BU/country governance forums Improve and reinforce Solutions profile and recognition within the internal customer communityRequirements Demonstrable depth of knowledge of Solutions as well as the ABI DCP principles with Relevant leadership experience in the same functional domain or other related positions Preferable working in an International environment Ideally, candidate should have experience in a Solutions Operational environment Working successfully within a Matrix structure and have led or facilitated a major changeHow to applyInterested persons shouldclick to apply ... NvdXJjZT0=Statistics: Posted Posted by marcdon — Wed Sep 20, 2017 3:23 pm […]

        Posted by marcdon on September 20, 2017 at 14:12

        Requirements B.Sc (2.1 and 2.2) and HND (Upper Credit and Lower Credit) holders only. Young graduates who are 27 years and below Candidates must have completed their NYSC or have an exemption certificates.Remuneration Successful candidates will be entitled to a basic salary of N55,000 monthly and good commissions on every product sold for the bank every month. Monthly Sales Target is 60 Accounts.Interview Time & Date10am. Gate Closes by 10:30am. Wednesday, 20th September, 2017 to Friday, 22nd September, 2017.How to ApplyInterested and qualified candidates should come along with an updated copy of their CV’s to:Plot 9, Gbagada Expressway,Beside UPS, (2nd Pedro Bus Stop),Gbagada,Lagos State.Note Your dressing should be formal Only applicants who have completed their NYSC or have an exemption certificate will be considered.Application Deadline: 22nd September, 2017.Statistics: Posted Posted by marcdon — Wed Sep 20, 2017 3:12 pm […]

        Posted by marcdon on September 19, 2017 at 11:43

        Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company (IKEDC) - Buoyed by a mission to redefine customer experience and be the provider of choice wherever energy is consumed, Ikeja Electricity Distribution Plc (Ikeja Electric), Nigeria's largest power distribution network powers lives and businesses with innovation and unwavering drive for excellence. The company began its new phase of growth and expansion on November 1st, 2013 following the handover of the defunct Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) to NEDC/ KEPCO Consortium under the privatization scheme of the Federal Government of Nigeria.Role Purpose Serve as key contact and liaison for customers to ensure total customer satisfaction.Key Responsibilities Coordinate the prompt handling of all customer service requests Providing utmost customer satisfaction at all times. Ensures reduction down time in customer complaint handling. Resolves service problems by clarifying the customer complaint, determining the cause of the problem, selecting and explaining the best solutions to solve the problem, expediting correction or adjustments following up on resolution. Respond to billing inquiries and handle customers’ high bill complaints. Provide information about company programs, products and services to overall team and customers Provide data to customers requesting new services. Ensure all new and existing customer data are accurate Recommends potential services to management by collecting customer information and analyzing customer needs. Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed. Ensure all complaints are being handled timely and properly Receive customer feedback on a monthly and annual basis Resolve customer queries and complaints within the district network. Carry out initiatives to improve customer satisfaction, based on the corporate customer care policies, in the business unit and Undertaking. Comply with Quality Management System / Operational Health & System requirements including objectives and applicable regulations relating to assigned jobs Carry out any other duty as requested by Financial Accounting & Reporting Specialist or Financial & Administration Manager.Minimum Qualifications A Bachelor's degree from a reputable University Proficiency in MS Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). Competency in CRM and other operational applications Minimum of 8-10 years’ experience in a similar role preferably within the banking or telecommunications industry.Technical Competencies: Good written and spoken communication Understanding of the peculiar customer challenges of the power industry. Results Driven. Problem Solving and Analysis Skills. Ability to multi-task. Excellent time management and organizational skills. Knowledge of local language and ethos.Behavioral Competencies: Team Player Good interpersonal skillsApplication Closing Date22nd September, 2017.How to ApplyInterested and qualified candidates should CLICK TO APPLYStatistics: Posted Posted by marcdon — Tue Sep 19, 2017 12:43 pm […]

        Posted by marcdon on September 19, 2017 at 11:30

        Baker Nigeria Plc , We are committed to applying our resources and science to improve the quality of life. We provide quality and affordable medicines, food and beverages to those who need them.Location: Ikeja, LagosType: Full TimeWork start: 15.09.2017Department: Sales & MarketingJob Description Reporting to the Business Manager, the incumbent will be involved in promoting and selling the company’s assigned products to medical and allied professionals in teaching, general and specialist practice through various levels of marketing interviews/medical meetings sufficient to achieve the agreed prescriptions and sales target.Requirements Candidates must possess B.Sc in relevant Biological Sciences. Applicants must be result oriented, self motivated with good oral and written communication skills and must possess strong persuasion and presentation skills. Sales experience in herbal products is a plus but not compulsory.RemunerationAttractive and negotiableApplication Closing Date26th September, 2017Method of ApplicationInterested and qualified candidates should:Click here to apply online ... esentativeStatistics: Posted Posted by marcdon — Tue Sep 19, 2017 12:30 pm […]

        Posted by marcdon on September 19, 2017 at 10:27

        African Development Bank Group (AfDB) - Established in 1964, the African Development Bank is the premier pan-African development institution, promoting economic growth and social progress across the continent. There are 80 member states, including 54 in Africa (Regional Member Countries). The Bank’s development agenda is delivering the financial and technical support for transformative projects that will significantly reduce poverty through inclusive and sustainable economic growth.CLICK TO APPLY ... vacancies/Statistics: Posted Posted by marcdon — Tue Sep 19, 2017 11:27 am […]

      • Transporters • Nigerian Arik Air recruitment 2017 Now open
        Posted by marcdon on September 18, 2017 at 14:24

        Arik Air is currently the largest and leading commercial airline in Nigeria. A lot of people choose to work for Arik Airline because of so many reasons. One of them is that there is a special excitement of being a part of an international, vibrant, and expanding airline community. Arik Airline also offers their employees travel opportunities as an incentive to motivate their staff, so the employees are interested in being a part of Arik Team. The motto for Arik Airline is “Wings of Nigeria”.Arik Airline is a customer-based airline. They offer both their business and leisure travelers consistent and outstanding services. They are known for providing services at a high level. So in order to keep up with their excellent service, they always seek for the best candidates to help them keep achieving their vision. Anyone who is interested and is qualified must be a team player. A prospective employee must have a passion for people, possess an unquestionable integrity and honesty. Arik Air employees must have mutual respect and be responsive to their customer’s needs.Below are the career opportunities that are currently opened.Job position: AVP Revenue Management and PricingDepartment: CommercialJob location: Lagos Head OfficeJob descriptionThe successful candidate will lead the development and implementation of revenue planning, management of income and forecasting systems, enable the generation of income controls and establish the best practices in the management of the inventory. Also, he or she will provide the airline with competitive pricing and distribution support that will help to generate more revenues and also maximise yield.Job requirements Applicant must be a graduate. Must have at least five years of working experience in the airline industry and qualification in ticketing and tariff disciplines. 2 to 3 years of experience in business and data analysis, and report production, preferably in a commercial and sales environment. The applicant must have an excellent knowledge of the West African region and African market. You must be an expert in the use of Microsoft Office applications (Excel, Access, Outlook, Power point, Word, etc.). Advanced level Ticketing and Fares courses from IATA/Airlines.Job position: E-Commerce ManagerDepartment: CommercialJob location: Lagos Head OfficeJob responsibilities include: Working closely with the VP Marketing/Sales. Allocating and presenting of e-commerce sites. Managing and monitoring of sales. Marketing and Logistics. Customer Service.Requirements: The applicant should have a degree or equivalent education in analytical/business/airline business. A minimum of 7-8 years of working experience in the travel and tourism industry or similar environment. Knowledge of E-com site development and branding. Marketing and CS knowledge. An applicant must possess IT skills in stock control systems. Sound knowledge of the aviation industry standards and its requirements, e.g. technical limitations.Job position: Manager, Customer Loyalty & CRMDepartment: CommercialJob location: Lagos Head OfficeJob summarySuccessful applicant’s responsibility will be to manage and lead the team of people responsible for developing and revamping the FFP Program. The position will require the successful applicant to be responsible for defining how the FFP scheme works and not just how customers earn and spend their miles.Requirements: A university degree in a Business or Marketing related field. Minimum of 5 years of work experience in a similar position with an airline. An extensive experience in managing and revamping/building the frequent flyer program of an airline or any travel loyalty program. Excellent analytical skills and the know-how on presenting concepts and results to the senior management of the airline. Excellent oral and written communication skills.Job title: Company Lawyer (Secretary)Department: MD’s OfficeJob location: Lagos Head OfficeJob descriptionThe successful candidate primary role will be to offer legal advice and support to every department of the company on different matters relating to aviation, commercial and corporate laws. The job also entails advising the management to protect and safeguard the interest of the airline and make sure that airline follows its rules and regulations in all its activities and businesses.Job requirements: An applicant must be a graduate of Law or any related field. Masters in Law will be preferred. An applicant who is a member of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators will be preferred. He or she should have undergone specialized training in Airline Contract Law, Aviation Law, Conflict of Law, International Law, Contract Negotiations, Legal Drafting, and Aircraft Financing. At least ten years of work experience preferably in the Aviation Industry and at least five of those years must have been spent in leading Legal Affairs.Position title: Head-Internal AuditDepartment: MD’s OfficeJob location: Lagos Head OfficeJob descriptionThe successful candidate’s job will be to manage and direct all activities of the Corporate Audit Department and will also be charged with the responsibility of assuring the Board Audit Committee on a regular basis on the state of the operational and financial integrity of internal controls within the company. Also, he or she will identify opportunities and recommendation that will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of procedures within the company and enhance the shareholder value.Basic requirements: The applicant should have at least B.Sc. degree in Accounting or any related discipline. An MBA or any other post-graduate degree will be plus. The applicant should have a professional accounting qualification (ACA/CA/ACCA) with a speciality in auditing, business process, and financial analysis. At least ten years of working experience at a senior level in auditing and accounting roles in the aviation industry or a Big Four accounting firm. The applicant must have knowledge of current internal audit best practices. Computer literate and knowledge in different computer assisted audit techniques.For more information about the jobs and how to apply, visit Posted Posted by marcdon — Mon Sep 18, 2017 3:24 pm […]

        Posted by marcdon on September 18, 2017 at 14:05

        KPMG Professional Services and KPMG Advisory Services are the KPMG member firm in Nigeria. The partners and people have been operating in Nigeria since 1978, providing multidisciplinary professional services to both local and international organisations within the Nigerian business community. Our vision is to build and sustain our reputation as the best firm to work with by ensuring our people, clients and communities achieve their full potential. At KPMG, we are committed to working with our clients to cut through complexities of the business world - finding solutions and adding value.Roles and Responsibilities Responsible for reconciliation of all bank statements Responsible for booking all investments and interests appropriately Responsible for keeping the investment & interest schedule Responsible for maintaining banking & related relationships Responsible for formulating & publishing monthly exchange rates Responsible for negotiating rates for all forms of investments Responsible for reconciling the schedules and posting the entries appropriatelyQualificationsEligible candidates must: Be below 30 years of age Have a minimum of 5 credits in one sitting, including Mathematics and English Have graduated with a minimum of 2.2 at undergraduate levelApplication Closing DateNot Specified.Method of ApplicationInterested and qualified candidates should:Click here to apply ... n.asp?SID=^2uLtD7UYVMyazhNuY0fTt2nomV79_slp_rhc_kdd/nplOkkMp/9/uLrWCSE_slp_rhc_8QMdm7_slp_rhc_KdYRL&fjd=true&referer=mail&gqid=331&jobinfo=__37477|1|331__&applycount=1&type=mail_jobdetail&srcqs=Statistics: Posted Posted by marcdon — Mon Sep 18, 2017 3:05 pm […]

        Posted by marcdon on September 18, 2017 at 13:57

        KPMG Professional Services and KPMG Advisory Services are the KPMG member firm in Nigeria. The partners and people have been operating in Nigeria since 1978, providing multidisciplinary professional services to both local and international organisations within the Nigerian business community. Our vision is to build and sustain our reputation as the best firm to work with by ensuring our people, clients and communities achieve their full potential. At KPMG, we are committed to working with our clients to cut through complexities of the business world– finding solutions and adding value Roles and Responsibilities Responsible for preparation and release of weekly collection reports [inclusive of WHT reports from the WHT officer (collections)] Responsible for reconciling the VAT ledgers of both the subsidiary and general ledgers Responsible for processing VAT returns Monitor receivable balances and review to identify issues related to aging/write offs and escalate to the FC Responsible for processing provisions for bad debts and/or write offs Responsible for reconciling all Working Capital source and subsidiary ledgers monthly Assist the Finance Controller in performing quarterly working capital reviews Responsible for processing bills Responsible for processing billing reversals Responsible for generating weekly billings report Responsible for Identifying direct (credit transfer) into bank accounts and request details from practice Apply identified receipts to client invoices managers Responsible for publishing unapplied receipts monthly QualificationsEligible candidates must: Be below 30 years of age Have a minimum of 5 credits in one sitting, including Mathematics and English Have graduated with a minimum of 2.2 at undergraduate level to apply click: ... n.asp?SID=^u61QSH2ZFH23pbDoPYqbObV12MkDrFiogYUTYW3GreU2B2cY0q0FTJh8oWTqECdu&fjd=true&referer=mail&gqid=331&jobinfo=__37476|1|331__&applycount=1&type=mail_jobdetail&srcqs=Statistics: Posted Posted by marcdon — Mon Sep 18, 2017 2:57 pm […]

        Posted by marcdon on September 18, 2017 at 13:44

        The Dangote Group is a diversified and fully integrated conglomerate with interests across a range of sectors in Nigeria and Africa. Current interests include Cement, Sugar, Flour, Salt, Pasta, Beverages, Noodles, Poly Products, Transportation and real estate with new initiatives in the Oil and Gas, Telecommunication, Fertilizer and Steel sector of the economy.Job Responsibilities A Chartered / Professional Engineer with a minimum of 20 years’ work experience in the Oil and Gas sector. He or she must have an excellent hands on experience in Design and Operation in the sector; out of which a minimum of 10 years work experience is required in Process Engineering of Plants, Pipelines and Piping and a minimum of 15 years work experience in Flow Assurance Design of Offshore and Onshore Pipelines and Piping. Have work experience with Consultants as well as E & P CompaniesDesired Qualification/Preferred Competencies Graduate in Chemical Engineering, Post Graduate and above preferred. 20 years in Process Engineering and Flow Assurance Design. Proficiency to work with Software should have proven ability to work with: ASPEN HYSIS, PIPEPHASE, PIPENET, TLNET, TGNET, FLARENET, OLGA.Application Closing Date21st September, 2017.How to ApplyInterested and qualified candidates should:Click here to apply online ... /4kAs9Ng==Statistics: Posted Posted by marcdon — Mon Sep 18, 2017 2:44 pm […]

        Posted by marcdon on September 18, 2017 at 13:37

        The Dangote Group is a diversified and fully integrated conglomerate with interests across a range of sectors in Nigeria and Africa. Current interests include Cement, Sugar, Flour, Salt, Pasta, Beverages, Noodles, Poly Products, Transportation and real estate with new initiatives in the Oil and Gas, Telecommunication, Fertilizer and Steel sector of the economy.Job Responsibilities A Chartered / Professional Engineer with a minimum of 15 years’ work experience in Costing, Scheduling and Planning of Medium to big size projects of Onshore & Offshore Oil and Gas Field, Refineries or Petrochemical Industry Costing of Project at feasibility, Conceptual, FEED and Detailed Design and managing the budget accordingly Planning (including Resource Planning), Scheduling, Progress & Resources Measurement, Monitoring, Reporting of projects at Conceptual, FEEDDesired Qualification/Preferred Competencies Engineering Graduate in any discipline. Membership of any professional body will be preferred. Minimum of 15 years work experience in Costing, Planning, and Scheduling Should have proven working experience with Primavera Project Planner (P3, Version 3.0 and P3e/c Ver.6.0) for Time Scale monitoring and other Costing Software. Should possess excellent knowledge of MS Office programs like Excel (including Macro Programming), Power Point and MS Word. Should be capable of generating Bar ChartsApplication Closing Date21st September, 2017.Method of ApplicationInterested and qualified candidates should CLICK ... /4kAs9Ng== to applyStatistics: Posted Posted by marcdon — Mon Sep 18, 2017 2:37 pm […]

      • HR Professionals • Compensation and Benefits/Human Resources Manager at Critical Rescue International (CRI)
        Posted by marcdon on September 18, 2017 at 11:50

        Critical Rescue International (CRI) was founded in October 2001 as the nation's first advanced paramedic (Emergency Medical Services) company. Over the ensuing years, we have developed a strong international reputation in the areas of medical assistance, primary healthcare through CRI medical clinics, benefits administration, and occupational health services.Location: Ikeja, LagosReporting To: CEODepartment: AdministrationOverall purpose of the job The Compensation and Benefits/HR Manager is responsible for strategic operation of the compensation and human resources decision-making processes necessary for The Company’s Operations.Roles & Responsibilities Responsible for the overall compensation and benefits and human resources operations of The Company, including pay structure and benefit offerings, competitive wage rates and compensation plans, compensation and HR budget, wage taxes, etc. Maintain all necessary HR Functions, including job requirements and descriptions, organization of staff through recruiting, testing, and interviewing, assist and conduct orientation and training programs, review and implement HR policies and procedures, and maintains HR records with filing and retrieval system. Ensure all statutory obligations are followed. Perform technical and analytical duties as required, including market data analysis and reporting Working with Department Heads to develop and implement compensation and human resources policies and procedures, short- and long-range goals, objectives and plans. Provide compensation and human resources leadership to Department Heads and Directors, that will enroll support, create ownership of goals, and encourage active participation in decisions that impact The Company. Ensuring that The Company meets necessary compensation and human resources regulatory and compliance regulations. Contributing human resources and compensation expertise in planning of new services and products that generate additional sources of revenue. Manage costs through data and research and input from Department Heads. Providing Benefits and Human Resources Reports to Management Staff as Required Assist with other duties as assigned Follow all policies and procedures laid out by CRI including but not limited to: Company Policy and Procedures HSE Policy and Procedures Operational Policy and Procedures Continuously review site for hazards and ways to reduce incidences of illness and injury, reporting any issuesMinimum Qualifications Primary Focus on Customer Service Bachelor’s Degree Minimum in Human Resources or Business Management, MBA preferred Minimum of 3 years hospital and/or pharmaceutical experience as Compensation and Benefits/HR Manager Minimum of 5 years of diverse business experience Must have experience in company Administration/Finance Strong analytical, organizational, project management, and active communication skills Broad understanding of Nigerian Healthcare Market Ability to utilize various Computer Software and applications, including Email, Microsoft Office, CRM, and other Administrative Software Positive/outgoing attitude Ability to adapt to various roles/responsibilities Time management and organizational skills Strong attention to detail and follow-throughApplication Closing Date30th September, 2017.How to ApplyInterested and qualified candidates should send their CV's to: hr@crinigeria.comStatistics: Posted Posted by marcdon — Mon Sep 18, 2017 12:50 pm […]

      • Customer Service • Customer Care Representative at Omarich Resources - Nationwide P
        Posted by marcdon on September 18, 2017 at 11:43

        Omarich Resources Limited is a fast growing Information and Communications Technology based organisation established in February, 2011. Apart from ICT, Omarich Resources is also in the business of outsourcing servicesJob Description Managing/developing client relationships with existing and new clients. Meet clients needs by ensuring customers are satisfied, resulting in profits for the organization. Design, develop and deliver presentations and proposals on behalf of the company. Be a major participant in driving the organization’s Vision and Mission. Contribute to the development and driving of business development initiatives.Application Closing Date8th October, 2017.How to ApplyInterested and qualified candidates should forward their updated CV's to: mails@omarichresources.comStatistics: Posted Posted by marcdon — Mon Sep 18, 2017 12:43 pm […]

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