If given a mic in an event and asked to give in five minutes the most important advice I will give to my brother on having a successful career, I will simply say, in five seconds, “network, network, build network.”

When I organized the JarusHub Career Conference in September 2013, parading arguably the most intimidating array of top professionals in Nigeria, people asked me, “Jarus, how are you able to pull that off? How are you able to get the CEO of Accenture, a GM and a Director at StanbicIBTC, COO of Dragnet, CEO of Proshare, former Editor of THISDAY, etc in one room?”, I simply smiled and responded to the askers, “it’s a product of years of building network, right from the university!”

I did not pay these gentlemen that honoured me with their coming any dime. Some even flew all the way from Abuja – at their cost. That is how helpful having a decent network could be.

JARUSHUB NETWORKING SATURDAY (JNS) was conceived out of the need to build a community of professionals that interact and share career and business information in Nigeria.

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It is commonly said that your network is your net worth, but we say your network determines your net worth.



On monthly basis, we shall be organizing an event, JARUSHUB NETWORKING SATURDAY (JNS), which will be an avenue for  professionals, entrepreneurs, unemployed graduates as well as youth corps members to come and interact and get to know one another.

It is a social-cum-professional event. This is not a conference center event, it will be holding at A-list restaurants or hotels, where attendees will have opportunity to interact and exchange information that will be helpful to their personal and career goals.

The event is semi-freestyle and it will basically involve attendees chatting informally on just any issue (you’re free to even discuss football – you never know what topic will attract the other party to you). At every event, a GUEST PROFESSIONAL (GP) will be invited to discuss in ten minutes his career and lessons participants can learn from it.

All these will take place in two hours, over snacks and some light drinks.


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This is an avenue to meet people who could become potential clients, employers, colleagues etc . You never can tell how useful they will be for you or your career or your business.

Attendees have the opportunity to sign up free to JarusHub Networking Club (JNC), which is just an email group where job opportunities and other career intelligence will be shared, when the opportunity comes up.



Time is 4pm – 7pm on event day.

Our Guest Professional for each event will come from companies like Accenture, StanbicIBTC, Shell, Chevron, Oando etc.


Fee is N2,500 per participant if you’re paying before the event, and N3,000 if you’re paying at the gate.

If you register for 6 months events in advance, you will get 15% discount (i.e you will pay N12,750 instead of N15,000), and if you register for full year event, you will get 20% discount (i.e you will pay N24,000 instead of N30,000)


Fill the form below and we will send you details. You may also send email to info@JarusHub.com or call 0806 119 8625, 0809 952 7777, 0909 298 9936



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