Is it Advisable to School in Benin Republic?

Dear Jarus,

I am planning to go study in Benin Republic due to my inability to gain admission into the university in Nigeria. This year, I had 273 in JAMB and 54% for post-UME. Likewise, I had 9 points in IJMB and 68% in the post-UME. I used both results to pursue admission into the University of Illorin( both Business Administration). 

Sir , I want to make enquiry on how acceptable is a certificate of Benin Republic’s university in Nigeria. Is it advisable to study there?

Thank you,Sir.



Dear Wale

I have met Nigerian graduates of universities in Cotonou and other places in Benin Republic but can’t remember coming across anyone of them in corporate employment. The few I have come across are into business – or our discussion never got into what they do.

I have met many graduates of Ghanaian schools in corporate Nigeria but I haven’t met any graduate of a Beninese school.

Yet, I really wont advise you against it. I don’t think there is any issue with it. I don’t think the certs would be a major barrier.




Other opinions from my friends:

I don’t think he should go to Benin to study. Maybe, he should change his university of choice: 273 should study Accounting or Business Administration in OAU (learnt they started Business Administration at Bsc level already). While it’s good to be foreign trained, I think once you are not getting the education in the more developed countries you are rather better off staying back in Naija. Consider your other personal factors you didn’t state here like age etc and make a right decision. All the best friend.


I don’t know how much she will be parting in Benin Republic, but if she can afford N800,000 – 900,000 annually and our moral code, she should come to my university. If her O levels is good as this UTME, she should give us a check. She doesn’t need Benin to get relatively competitive undergraduate study in Nigeria. We can take care of that in Augustine University, Ilara-Epe, Lagos State.



I won’t advice this person or any other to go to Benin to study. Theirs is a classic case of cash and carry education. I’ve come across many of their students and I’ve always asked myself how on earth the NUC okays such universities. Perhaps it’s also an extension of the cash and carry phenomenon. I know ofomeone very close to me who went to pursue admission into one of the universities and he came back to tell me they had already finished the first semester. I thought to advise him to wait for the next session, but he told me they had offered to give him admission to join his class provided he could pay the outrageous fees. He paid and effectively completed his degree in one semester, though he joined them with an OND. He was mobilized for Service. The annoying part was when it was time for his project. We had sat down to carefully select a topic, after which I advised him on how would proceed once the topic was approved. After one week when I thought the project topic might have been done with, I asked him that he ought to be preparing his chapter one. To my amazement he told me he was already through with the project! I think the worse Nigerian university is more respectable than those over there.



Admission still going on at; it’s an alternative within Kwara State with affordable fees.



So, young man, you are free to make a decision from the opinions offered there.

All the best.


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