Improve these 5 features and Increase your Business Website Sales

Ayodele Osho

Every great business get to see what’s wrong with their business very frequently, even if things are going on well. That’s why you find big brand companies like coca cola, pepsi etc changing their logo and others changing their websites after some time.

Wondering if everything is properly set for your website?  Check this list  to see what you need to change on your website.

Improve these 5 features and Increase your Business Website Sales


  1. Choose a responsive design for your website or blog


Did you know that 31% of traffic coming to the top 10 websites in the world all came from mobile devices?

This is a significant number, and a number that continues to increase over time. If your website isn’t ready for mobile, you’re going to have a hard time keeping visitors on your pages. Responsive design means your site will adapt to any screen and device.


  1. Fix the Bugs


Guests get a kick out of the chance to remain in pages where they can discover all that they have to know without pondering excessively about where to go next. This is accomplished when potential clients can without much of a stretch change starting with one page then onto the next or read around one item to another flawlessly.


Be that as it may, bugs can show up out of the blue, making joins close down and show pages with messages like, “Oh no, we couldn’t discover what you are searching for.” So unless you screen your pages on a week after week premise, an outline redesign can settle all these broken connections.


  1. Turn out to be More User-friendly


Today, sites can be gotten to by means of portable PCs and PCs, as well as on cell phones. In that capacity, your site ought to be “portable cordial” without bargaining simplicity of route, quick stacking circumstances, client encounter, and a cutting-edge SEO.


Beside accomplishing a superior looking site, an outline refresh can help enhance your business in this quick changing universe of innovation. To help keep your page run easily, you might need to explore on the most current patterns and updates in website composition.

  1. Introduce enough Whitespace

Whitespace is a fundamental plan component that causes you separate the page and improves clarity.


Additionally called ‘negative space’, void area alludes to the territories around components on a page that are vacant and lacking substance or visual things.


Albeit additional space may appear to be pointless, it’s really in charge of decipherability and substance prioritization. It additionally assumes an essential part in the plan procedure and situating web architecture components.

  1. . Navigation


When outlining your site, route is critical, it’s basically the guide that shows the center spots clients can visit.

Nothing annoys than your business website filed with cloudy spaces. Everywhere is just jabbed with colors and all.


There’s nothing more regrettable than a site with a disrupted or confounding route interface. While enhancing your site’s route, it’s vital to guarantee that your guests can without much of a stretch find what they’re searching for.


A few qualities of a lean navbar incorporate streamlined substance, route progressive system, and responsive outline, so the experience doesn’t radically change on portable.


On the off chance that clients can’t discover what they’re searching for, they have no motivation to remain on your site. Rather, they will surely bob and discover a contender that offers a superior client encounter.


Osho Ayodeji is a certified IAPWE tech and business writer, and the CEO of CJ Web and Mobile Apps Consults. We develop websites for businesses, schools, private business owners, entrepreneurs etc. You can reach him on or through call or whatsapp on 08143386119.



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