How to get the best of a monotonous job

Dear Jarus

Good day, I would like your opinion on an issue bothering me. I would also be glad if you can post it on your blog so I can get the opinion of readers.

I just got a new job, great environment, good working conditions, nice welfare packages and the right colleagues. But my job role is somewhat routine. We basically do the same thing day and night and I feel I’m not learning as much as I would like to so as to prepare myself for future opportunities. Simply put, a secondary school student could do my job. What would you advice me to do?




Dear Kenny,

I ran this by my circle of informed friends and here is the advice:


Sit tight on the job!!! There are more ways to learn on the job. Not just in the job. Create spare times for learning. Not many can describe their jobs in similar superlatives.


Keep this till you find something better.

Àkòsápò laa n ko Owó – A little cash is better “rejected” into one’s pocket than not taking it all from the giver, says a wise man.

By nature of man, we are insatiable. Almost everyone you see today working somewhere finds reasons why their current place of work is now unappealing or not challenging enough because work routine has now been mastered and has become monotonous.

But hey, remember like you said, “You just got this job and if I’m not wrong the motive then is to find a well paid Job with good working conditions which you now have easily”, but if growing and learning a new thing everyday is now the theme, then you need to understand the waiting sacrifice you have to make to have everything working fine for you in your place of work.

So, be patient, bro!


Use the money to develop yourself to fulfill your learning desires or take on more responsibilities on that job that help stimulate your appetite for knowledge.



Read “Flow – The Psychology of Optimal Experience”



All the best.



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