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It’s been a few days since you appeared for the final round of interview with your dream company. You are pretty confident about the interview, yet you haven’t heard back from the hiring manager about the status of your candidature. We have all sailed in that boat. The waiting period is hard and at the same time it’s crucial. More often, many candidates lose out on a golden opportunity just because they don’t follow-up with hiring manager properly. Even the brightest of interviewees find themselves in a fix when it comes to following up as they fear of appearing too desperate.


Hiring managers have to deal with numerous job candidates that it becomes difficult for them to remember each one of them. Therefore, what’s important is to stay at the top of the recruiter’s mind. Outlined below are a few ways you can effectively follow up with the hiring manager to get a response:

  1. Chat with the recruiter before leaving the interview venue –
    The follow-up should ideally start before you leave the interview venue. After the interview, go and chat with the recruiter who called you for the interview. Ask him / her about the next stage of interview process and tentative date for closing the position. This information will help you to begin with your follow up plan. Take a note of the dates shared by the recruiter and accordingly touch base the recruiter reminding him / her about the time table she shared with you.
  1. Write a ‘thank you’ note –
    The next day after the interview, send a ‘thank you’ note to the recruiter expressing your gratitude for considering you for the position. Doing so is not only a good practice but also make sure that you stay at the top of the recruiter’s mind. Only a few people understand the importance of sending a ‘thank you’ note.
  2. Follow-up after 3-4 days of writing the ‘thank you’ note –
    Wait for the recruiter’s reply after sending a ‘thank you’ letter. Usually, it is okay to wait for 3-4 days. If you still don’t receive any word from the hiring manager, send a follow-up email or give him / her a call to check the status of your candidature. This way the hiring manager will be aware that you are still available in the job market.
  3. Take the social media route –
    Whether you get the job or not, it is important that you form a long-term relationship with the recruiter. Therefore, it is perfectly okay to find new ways to get connected with them, for example, social platforms. Ideally, you should wait for some time after the interview; say 2-3 months before adding the recruiter on your social media account. Once they add you to their circle, it becomes easy to build a long-term professional relationship. You can share interesting articles with them or congratulate them on their achievements if they update about the same on their social accounts.


Adopt these ways to effectively follow up with the hiring manager. In the end, even if you don’t get the job or receive the response too late, you will have made a good contact with the recruiter. Keep in touch and you never know how this contact might play a vital role in your career ahead.


Megha Raizada is a professional writer working with the premium job portal She has a keen interest in the global job market, but also loves to keep a track of everything interesting happening around the globe. You can reach her at Twitter and Google+.

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