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Getting a job interview invitation is great news! All the efforts you’ve put into the job application process have finally paid off, and you’re just one or few steps away from getting your dream job.

But as the interview date draws closer, you’ll get more and more nervous—and that’s just natural. You’re about to get before one or more stern-looking professionals who are out to scrutinize everything about you, including your dressing, mannerisms, confidence level, communication skills, and brilliance.

If not checked, pre-interview anxiety can cripple your performance on the big day. These three tips will help you combat interview nerves.

1. Adequate preparation

Preparing hard for the interview is the best way to overcome pre-interview anxiety. As you prepare more and more, you’ll feel more confident, and you’ll even look forward to the interview rather than wish the date doesn’t come. So, confidence borne out of serious preparation can channel your nervous energy into a positive force.

How do you prepare for a job interview? Come up with a list of all the questions you’re likely to be asked. Learn how to correctly answer each question. And rehearse your answers over and over before the interview date.

Also, be sure to read up the employer’s history and some of their latest projects and achievements. Get the latest news about the company. This will add more substance to your answers and demonstrate your seriousness about working with the employer.

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2. Optimistic mindset

Nursing unnecessary fears and pessimistic thoughts is one of the commonest causes of interview anxiety. Most job seekers believe the myth that interviewers are always looking out for their faults, and this explains the usual extreme phobia for interviewers.

But the truth is, interviewers are only out to pick the best candidates. If you happen to be that candidate, they will readily choose you for the position. So, they actually want to hire someone. Having this mindset will help you hope for the best rather than nursing baseless fears.

Eliminating desperation is another way to give yourself the much needed doses of optimism. While you need to prepare hard for the interview, you shouldn’t see it as a do-or-die thing. Yes, you might have been looking for a job for years, but being desperate and pessimistic won’t change anything. Only optimism can boost your confidence.

3. Sound state of health

To overcome interview nerves, you need to be in the best state of health. Having a sound body and mind will help you prepare better for the interview as well as have good expectations.

It’s widely known that stress is bad for both body and mind. So, don’t stress yourself out in the name of preparing for the interview. Rather, be easy on yourself, and don’t do more than you can.

Eat good food. Exercise regularly, as it boosts confidence by making your mind sharper, your eyes clearer, and your overall sense of well-being greatly enhanced. And sleep well (yawning right in front of the interviewer doesn’t make a good impression).

By implementing these tips, you’ll greatly enhance your chances of having a successful interview.


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