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Want to take a free IQ test and know your IQ score instantly online? Neuroscientia is an online educational platform that offers resources to ace IQ test with  free IQ testing and brain game – no emails required.

If you don’t already know, an IQ test is a type of psychological test that is most often used to get a hint about a person’s intelligence; where the full meaning of the word ‘IQ’ itself is ‘Intelligence Quotient’, at least by its traditional definition implying the result of a division (Quotient): Mental Age/Chronological Age × 100/1. Though this formula seems obsolete, psychologists still refer to the results gotten from an IQ test as Intelligence Quotient.

Why people might not want to test their IQ

Ther might be several reasons people don’t want to test their IQ but the cost of taking an IQ test is apparently the most pressing factor for shying away from testing one’s IQ and knowing the IQ score. However, it makes sense to knw one’s IQ score especially when you need it to become part of some segments in the society. For example membership into Mensa and Pars requires a high IQ score as 130+, it’s no surprise to see companies most notably, in the United States using IQ score as yardstick for recruitments.

Does free IQ test exist?

Of course, yes and no. Why? IQ tests that are free don’t really exist unless you want to take some junk crappy IQ test, many of which are found online. Doesn’t make sense, right? Tou don’t want to take a crappy IQ test that doesn’t deliver accurate results all the time.

Possible to find free and reliable but also IQ test?

If you Google-search ‘free IQ test‘, you will find tons of IQ tests for free but junks.  Why? They are just nothing but crap because they are far from being accurate. In case you are looking for a free reliable IQ test that delivers quality results all the time, look no more. Neuroscientia is an educational platform that has put these free IQ test resources together with automatic scoring and interpretation of scores – 100% free accurate test, no emails required and no waste of time, only 10 – 15 minutes. Take a tour, have some fun taking his free brain game now.


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