Feedback and Q and A: Is ICAN qualification really worth it?

We got this message from one of our followers.


Hello Jarus,
I’m Ak****. I secretly admire your posts here (and) on Nairaland. I want to seek your career advice. I had my first degree in accounting but didn’t see any big deal in being chartered (due to my poor orientation).

After some of your posts on Nairaland and JarusHub I decided to give ICAN a shot. I wrote the skills level last year November, and as God would have it I passed the 4 papers. I do hear that ICAN is hard but When I saw a score of 93 in one of papers, it inspired me, so I wrote all the 5 papers at the professional stage last may. I aced all by God’s grace and would be having my induction by November.

Please I need your opinion on what I should do in getting a good job sir. I really need one.

I will be 25 by October. Yes, I’m done with NYSC. I read almost all post on JarusHub. I hope to have a good story by God’s grace. But I really pray ICAN is really worth it sir.


ican pic1


1, Got that in my inbox few hours ago. Deciding to openly respond because one silent follower like this young man before now, might also benefit.

2, Never came across this young man before today. Never knew him or his name. Just doing my own thing – sharing info on education and careers through social media (since 2008) and our website (since 2013). Never knew one young man was faithfully using the info in his life decisions.

3, This kind of feedback is now becoming a weekly thing. Almost every week, either through email or social media PM, a feedback like this drops – either from those that sought advice few years back or secretly implemented some tips we shared on social media or on our blog or in my book, Road to VI.

4, Already lost count of the feedback. Maybe they should form JARUS INFORMATION BENEFICIARY CLUB abi JARUS ALUMNI NETWORK. Lol. Just kidding. We don’t need it.

5, On a serious note, this guy’s case further butresses one critical thing I always say – orientation through information is very key. Never thought of writing ICAN and no one around him ever thought he should but thru online reading of one’s posts, he decided to do. He not only passed it so easily, clearing the 9 papers at one sitting and scoring as high as 93 percent in one paper, he is now a chartered accountant. He might not have realised he had such potential if he didn’t come across one’s posts and articles online.


1, Congrats, young man. At 25, with Bsc and ICAN, and done with your NYSC, I have no doubt you are ready for the labour market. You are young and have more than the basic qualification requirements for the job market.

2, I don’t know your capability but for you to make a mincemeat of ICAN so easily, I don’t think you should struggle with job tests. And as you said you have read every single post on JarusHub (more than 1000 posts and articles we have there since 2013), I believe you have enough tips on interviews and job hunting. Nothing to add.

3, Trust me, that ICAN you’ve got will make a difference except one is horrible, which, with the way you smashed ICAN, you cannot be. I hope your first degree is good too (most good companies request for 2.1).

4, Your profile fits the Big 4 (PwC, Deloitte, EY and KPMG) or consultancies (Accenture etc) or investment and finance firms (Vetiva, FBN Capital, Meristem, United Capital etc), or worst case, regular commercial banks, which I’m personally not a fan of. These guys recruit from time to time. Monitor openings there and apply when opportunity comes. Try unsolicited applications too.

I wish you all the best.



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