Chemical Engineering or Medicine?


Please help me out. I want to choose between Medicine and Chemical Engineering. I prefer Medicine because the work is mobile and I can work  anywhere, including in my village. There is also assurance of job for me.

But I have already written JAMB for Chemical Engineering and scored 261, and may likely get admitted. However, I am afraid as I’m not very good in Physics and did not Further Math. I am also afraid on underemployment or unemployment as the job will be available in few places e.g Abuja, Port Harcourt, Lagos.

So I am thinking of doing Remedial for Medicine and I am sure I will get admission.

Should I continue with Chemical Engineering and Medicine?



Dear Jones,

Interesting you scored 261 in UME for Chemical Engineering and you don’t see yourself as good in Physics and did not do Further Math at all.

From all indications, you prefer Medicine. I agree with you that Medicine makes you more employable than Chemical Engineering. You need to be very outstanding in Chemical Engineering to stand a chance of what Chemical Engineering can do for you. As your foundation in Physics and Further Math is below average, according to your story, I’m afraid you may struggle with Chemical Engineering.

If admission via Remedial is sure for you like you said, I will say go use that route and begin the course of your desire – Medicine.

I wish you all the best.




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