Career Dilemma of an Economics Graduate with Interest in Development

Hi, my name is Terry. I’d like to compliment the great work your team is doing, more power to you.

I am a graduate of Economics from a top private university (with Second Class Honours: Upper Division). I completed my service year in December. I have a strong interest in development management, administration and planning. This interest was piqued by my final year research project which focused on alternative approaches to development (with a focus on development led by local communities and civil society groups). I also volunteered as a development advocate while serving. But post-service, I don’t know where to start and I don’t have an idea where to volunteer.
Though I am an ICAN professional student who’s not had struggles passing the exams but I doubt I have the competence to thrive in the field of accounting. I have sought openings in retail and investment banks and hopeful I could get a call to start soon. I still have a tugging fear it could cripple my love to work in the development space. And I don’t want to remain a liability to family and friends which would be the inevitable cost of volunteering. I secured a couple international admissions that might fasttrack career progression in development but I can’t fund them and scholarship opportunities are very competitive.

I know you are busy, so thank you for your time, and I will be very delighted to receive counsel or guidance from you.

Kind regards,

Hi Abba

Quite articulate you are.
Unfortunately, you are eyeing a field that is rare to come by at entry level. You have boxed yourself to a narrow field.
You are writing ICAN, which is good. You are already expanding your options.
You just finished your NYSC in December. Not too long in my view. There are a number of entry level jobs that have been flying around online for the past few months. Please look for such openings and apply. Try PwC, Deloitte, KPMG, Ernst and Young, Accenture, investment firms like Vetiva, Meristem, Cardinal Stone, all these FMCG companies, etc
As an economics graduate currently writing ICAN, I think you stand a good chance. Whatever department you are posted when you get these jobs, just start from there. You can narrow down your career to development management later. You may even request to be posted to Admin departments in those companies.
Just throw your CV around and hustle for any decent entry level job first.
All the best.

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