Career Advice to a Dejected Mechanical Engineering Graduate in Unrelated Job

Dear JarusHub Team,

Please I need an advice on this. I graduated with a 2.2 degree class in mechanical engineering in 2012, I tried getting a job in my related discipline but I wasn’t lucky. I got a job with an electricity distribution company in Lagos as a meter reader/marketer which isn’t any related to my field of study. I have made (still making) effort in getting a job in which I would find true happiness, also being able to make a career out of it but it’s not just coming. Most job vacancies I see are specific about 2.1 and above class of degree. What can I do, I’m confused. Going for masters mean quitting my present job since it’s going to be a full time programme. Getting financial support wouldn’t be easy and also the thoughts of not been able to get a job immediately after the masters programme scares me as hell, because it took me over a year to get this present job.

Also, I’m having difficulty identifying what my PASSION is. How do I also go about this?. Your response is highly much anticipated.

Thank you.





Dear Chuks

I’m inclined to advising that you should focus on the current job, do it with dignity and diligence. After a couple of years, you could try and move to another department.

If you’re very good at what you do, you could rise even within that DisCo, or move to another Disco, or generally better jobs within the electricity supply chain.

If possible, while doing all of this, you could enroll for part-time master’s in UNILAG.

When you are able to create some expertise and valuable industry knowledge, you could try better companies.

I think you should just relax and not be in a hurry to move to better jobs now, and nothing says you must practice Mechanical Engineering.

I know people that started with 30k teaching job and are now doing fine.


Some of my informed friends also have this to add


I wouldn’t say more than what you actually just said.. He should focus and build his passion around his current job. Should learn everything he can in this job and focus on what he wants to achieve as a person. I have a friend who started a job in an unrelated field earning 900 naira daily. He didn’t like the job because it was not his field and a lowly rated job compared to what he had in qualifications. He is a graduate plus a masters degree. 3 years down the line, he’d risen from 900 naira daily to earning more than 300k in basic salary plus a lot more benefits. He eventually crossed to sales and he leads teams of sales men from the company today… He loves what he is doing and making much more than he receives in salary through his ability to pull in more sales for the company and he gets remunerated for that.. This young man’s story is similar to my friend.. He should do the same and keep his eyes open if anything comes, and better, he should opt for it but for now… A bird in hand is worth trillion in forest. A word is enough for the wise


I will advise this young man from my personal experience. I graduated from a law faculty and couldn’t go for my law school because I lost my dad who could have financed me. I got a job in an airline through a friend, I dedicated myself and developed a passion for the job. I did courses in aviation ranging from basic flight operations to advanced flight operations,also obtained license as a flight dispatcher and navigations officer. In 9 years,I rose from a ticketing clerk to operations officer, flight dispatcher, asst operations manager, and finally station manager . I voluntarily resigned and went for my law school with all comforts. Called to bar and started legal practice which was my initial passion. Later joined politics,became a special adviser to a Governor on legal matters, local government chairman… all these within 14 years. Today, I have a well established law firm with 7 employees on my payroll including some of my classmates in university. The bottom line is the young man should keep his job while doing personal development courses and develop a passion for what he does. The money he earns is a big stabilizing factor in his life. He should not underestimate what that little earnings can do for him. What matters is that he should have focus and determination to succeed in spite of all challenges coming his way.

So there you have it, Chuks.

All the best.



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