Advice on Accounting Career: ICAN, ACCA and ICAEW

Dear Jarus,
I really want to commend your efforts on the career advancement tips you have been offering to Nigerians who crave excellence in their various fields of work and study.
I am a 300L Business Education (Accounting option) undergraduate at a top Nigerian university and I am currently on a very strong 2:1.
I need an advise on the decisions I have made for myself. I intend to work as a chartered accountant in a reputable firm in the UK. I plan on registering for ICAEW but I think it’d be quite expensive and too direct to run it directly without CPL (exemptions). So I plan on registering for ICAN during my service year, then using the certificate to apply for ACCA (5 papers) then finally use the ACCA certificate to claim exemptions under ICAEW and probably do my MBA later. Do you think I’m over ambitious because I think I am and if you think I am, please enlighten me on what certifications I should go for instead.

Thank you




Dear Joshua,

I think your plan is perfectly in order.
Start with ICAN, complete and use to get exemptions and write final 5 papers in ACCA, and use ACCA to claim exemption in ICAEW. Then MBA.
This, coupled with good work experience, will make a thoroughbred global accountant.
This is perfect as far as certification is concerned.

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