Good evening sir. How is the family, work &business? It’s I, Daniel, your mentee @ Unilag (now an alumnus sha). I wish to appreciate you for your guidance during my undergraduate days as your inspiring words aided me in clinching First-class honours. Recall sir, that in yr 2, i had expressed my reservations about my discipline (Sociology) & you advised during our meeting at your office, that I endeavour to emerge with a first, regardless. Well sir, those seeds you sowed have bore fruit. Many thanks for being a huge inspiration Sir Jarus. May the creator reward you greatly sir. I’ll be commencing service year soon, & with it, my journey to Victoria Island.

That was the feedback we received from one of our mentees who we advised in 2015 here .


I stumbled on this site this morning when I place a search for the abbreviation ‘ICAN’ on google and I became glued to my phone for almost 4hrs reading whatever interest me and I can say its inexhaustible. before i dropped my phone I decided to search for related sites on google and found NONE to be compared with this, I am so fascinated.

Juris Nathaniel, a random searcher on the internet.


Well done Jarus. You’re really keeping to your promise of reaching out to the teeming uninformed Nigerian varsity leavers. This writer is a beneficiary of such reaching out as I still remember the day (in March 2014) that we converged on the Ocean Basket Restaurant, on the Island, where we celebrated the 1 year anniversary of JarusHub. You handed me a copy of your “The Road to Victoria Island” at no cost. My job hunt never remained the same after reading the book and the rest is now history. Thank you Jarus.”

Lawal AbdulGaniyu (an economics graduate of Unilorin, now with GTB)

“Hi Jarus. I made it into PwC. I’m so so grateful for your coaching before I went for the interview. It was awesome. I really didn’t know how it would have gone if not for your help. I will be resuming in August. I remembered all you said and I composed myself. From the group discussions to interviews, your tips were just so helpful”

I. Osuji

Good Evening Sir,

Being a 100 level student of Economics at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. I’m using this channel to inform you that your advice has been pertinent to my academic feat as I made a 5.0 G.P.A. in the last semester prior to the mentoring you offered on how I could be among the best in my class.

Truly, the importance of getting the right information from the right person and at the right time can’t be over-emphasized.

With due civility, I sincerely acknowledge your relentless efforts in helping the Nigerian youth to achieve their dreams, more power to your elbow. May God in his infinite mercies grant all your heart desires and perfect all that concern you.


Feedback from one of the students we counseled here last year.

Dear Jarus,
I am very excited to tell you that you have impacted on the lives of lots of Nigerians. I met a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife and he asked me where and how I get graduate tips from and I referenced JarusHub. To my surprise he had already known JarusHub and told me how the you have been of great help motivating and giving him interview tips which saw him through his KPMG interview.
@jakuzy09 on twitter
Hello Jarus,
I recently “stumbled” upon your website and it has essentially been a “breath of fresh air” on issues of career advancement in Nigeria.
Sope Omisore, a lawyer


Hello Jarus,
I want to use this opportunity to say a big thank you to you for the CV you did for me, I know though that it was God almighty who made things possible by making me think of sending you my CV to redo, you will not believe the sort of opportunities and interviews that I got after that CV revamp. I finally chose one of the jobs, I am now a Communications Manager in a project management firm, with a good salary and endless benefits.

Thank you so much.


Hi JarusHub,
I want to thank you for your encouragement and coaching which were very instrumental to getting my new offer from PwC. With just two meetings you were able to transform me from a scared/worried person to a very confident candidate better able to communicate my skills. Also thank you for helping me with those hard questions . Your coaching was priceless and I will continue to recommend it to others.
Thank You.
A. Onanuga

Jarus, you will never comprehend the enormous inspiration you are to thousands (at the least) in this world. You have gathered credible and valuable resources which is a credit to your character as a person. I admire you. some day I hope to meet you. you have helped me too so  much and when I finally achieve one goal I set after reading your comments on NL you will be one of the first to know and I’d love to share my stories someday too. Cheers.

Nicholas Echem

Good morning Sir,

I was inspired by your ROAD TO VI book. I finally made it to Victoria Island and it’s been exciting already. It would be an honour if you could take me under your wing.



A. Muhammed

Who recently secured job with an Insurance company in Lagos

Mr. Jarus,

I have been looking for an opportunity to say this.

Your interview questions and answers article was instrumental to my impressing two CEOs and getting employment offers from both.

Thanks. I really appreciate. May you achieve and surpass your goals in life.

Melo James, Nairaland

I read your blog several times and I must say a special thanks to you and your team for the wonderful job you’re doing. I am so delighted with the way you presented all your topics. You’ve really inspired me! I spend my whole time on the internet surfing for vital information and other things, but a friend introduced JarusHub to me and it has changed my perspertive about what I do with my time entirely. Jarus, you have motivated me! You need to be there when my friend said you’re the best! I got motivated instantly

 – Azeez Mariam

This blog has been inspiring to me. I just came across it some couple of hours ago and I must say it is very impressive. Jarus,  you are doing a great work inspiring a generation.

– Olakunle

For me,this is the best site I have visited lately.

– Musa

Dear Jarus, I came across your website a couple of weeks ago and after going through the weblog, I observed that you are not just a genius, you are a bona fide Geek. I imagine a country named Nigeria blessed with young talents like you and your group.

– Mayowa

Dear Jarus, I came across your write-up online and for me you are God-sent, a blessing to our generation.

– Nonyelu Lawrence

Dear Jarus, Thank you for bringing up this initiative. God bless you. I am glad that such a platform as this is created to enlighten young Nigerians on career related issues. This is indeed a right step in the right direction and from beautiful minds. More power to your elbow!

– Gbenga

Kudos for a job well done. Your blog site is one of the best I have ever seen.

–  Omobolanle

Hello Jarus, I am a keen follower of your posts on Nairaland though I avoid making comments. I finished from OAU Ile Ife with a Bsc in Psychology(3.40 CGPA) this year January. I am still awaiting service because the University Senate are yet to sit on our results due to the ASUU strike. However I am hoping that it will be resolved soon and we can be mobilised for next year’s service coming up by March. Meanwhile I got a contract job as a social worker for 1 year which is renewable with a Swiss based NGO in Abeokuta around May  this year. To be honest it was your material on preparing for a job posted on Nairaland that was of great use to me because almost everything you talked about happened to me and I was so happy.


– Ameh Omatule

Kudos to Jarus for his article on interview. I must confess, this is a real eye opener for some of us that don’t have the experience of what interviews always look like. Fortunately for me, I came across this write-up last Saturday when indeed I had an interview on Monday (my first interview ever for that matter). Need I say this write-up really helped me in the interview because these were the same questions I was being asked; I was just there smiling and giving the responses based on what I read here. However, during the cause of the interview the three interviewers were just nodding their head in acceptance to my answers to the extent that the lady among them couldn’t hide it. So she was forced to say to her colleague that she liked the way I presented my responses.
Keep up the good work. God bless you.

– Emjay, September 29, 2013