A Recruiter Visited Your LinkedIn Profile? Here are 7 Top Things to Do Now


Audrey Robinson

Finding out that a recruiter visited your LinkedIn profile can be almost as exciting as seeing that you’re matched with the dreamiest person on a dating website. You’ve been working so hard to find the ideal opportunity, and you might have just observed that opportunity sliding into your grasp. Don’t go all in and cling to the recruiter like you’re a lost puppy trying to find a home – formulate a strategy that sets you up for success.linkedin1

  1. Return the Visit

Look at the recruiter who viewed your profile. It’s an acceptable, normal practice to return visits. You should be able to find some basic information on the recruiter’s profile that would give you an idea about who they might work for. You can’t always assume a recruiter’s intention with absolute accuracy, but you will walk away with a decent idea of what your best case scenario might be.

  1. Find Some Chemistry

Look for the dots to connect. Does this recruiter work with a company who constantly launches new products and services? Are you in marketing? There’s where your connection might be. If you work in manufacturing color cosmetics and the recruiter works for a national pizza chain, you’re probably not a good fit for each other.

  1. Get Your Act Together

It’s not too late to update your profile if you feel you’re a bit overdue. Do you have relevant experience that might charm the socks off of that recruiter? Now is the time to make sure that the information your profile presents is clear and accurate. If you continue correspondence, the recruiter will likely look at your profile again. They’ll be able to find what they need. You might also want to update your resume while you’re at it.

  1. Do a Little Research

Some recruiters just like to network. It makes their jobs easier in the future, even if they aren’t currently trying to source candidates. If you browse through job boards and see that one of the companies they work for seems to be hiring, that’s a good sign that you were being legitimately checked out. Even if you don’t find that the company is hiring, they might be about to do it soon, or they might be looking to fill a special position they aren’t advertising. linkedin2

  1. Develop a Personal Approach

You don’t want to figure out what you need to say halfway through a conversation. By perfecting your introduction, you’re making the best possible first impression. If you share a relevant experience with this recruiter, be sure to mention it. It might turn into a good starting point for a memorable conversation, and recruiters are people you definitely want to remember you.

  1. Make That Connection

If you aren’t already connected to the recruiter, make that connection now. Here’s where you should use that personal approach you formulated – never rely on LinkedIn’s standard generic messages. Mention to the recruiter that you’re on the look out for great opportunities. Don’t aggressively beg for a job – just simply state your interest in productively networking.

  1. Start Selling Your Skills

If you wind up developing a relationship with the recruiter, it’s time to start demonstrating your value. What can you provide for that recruiter? Do you know people in an industry they’re trying to reach? Can you play wingman to help them in their other pursuits? Even if they don’t have a position for you at the moment, if you can do a few small favors for them, they’re going to remember you when they have the chance to do a favor for you.


Hopefully, this recruiter is the recruiter of your dreams. Take a few deep breaths, try not to feel too nervous, and use this strategy to get the ball rolling. Before you know it, you’ll be strategizing for your big interview.



Audrey Robinson is a careers and education expert, currently writing on behalf of Datastical. She enjoys working together with people entering the workforce or seeking opportunities to boost their careers. Feel free to reach out to her on @AudreyyRobinson.



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