Sir Jarus,
Recently, I’ve been on the net and I’ve gone through your post and advice to a couple of people and I’m quite impressed with how you’ve helped people out there and I have a great feeling that you’d help me get through this great burden I have at the moment.
I’m a 3rd year student of electrical engineering and my Grade point in school isn’t good I’m in a 2.2 at the moment, is it possible I could still work in the oil and gas industry in the future and what do I really need to do to improve this ?

I hope to hear from you soon

Thanks sir

ghana oil1


Dear Joe,

Yes, it is possible. There are 2.2 graduates that work in the oil and gas industry. Most got in through contract jobs, where grade is sometimes not the biggest consideration. Some remain in contract position, some got converted to permanent position after some time, some moved to another company as experienced hire (when grade is no longer a key consideration).

I have a friend that had 2.2, did her NYSC in an oil company, and was retained by the company after NYSC. IOCs (Shell, Chevron etc) will no do this, but Nigerian ones do it.
So, while I advise you try and push it to 2.1, graduating with 2.2 should not kill your dream.
Finally, no grade – not even first class – guarantees job in oil and gas industry. It’s highly competitive. But it may be helpful.
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