7 Things Every Graduate Should Know Before Starting Job Hunting

Catrin Cooper

Searching for a job is an exhausting process. The road to getting a job is a rocky one. Lost opportunities and rejections, as well as disappointments, are part of the game. The good news is that there are tips that can help you prepare for your job search to help you save time and frustration.


What are the things that you, a fresh graduate, should know before starting a job hunting?


1. Improve your persuasive skills

Whether you are applying for sales job or not, you must have strong persuasive skills. These skills will help you write better cover letters. You will also become more confident during job interviews. It will also be easier for you to negotiate a higher salary.


During the interview, employer does not judge you by what you say or how you say things. Rather, they assess how convincing you are. As a persuasive speaker, you can get your interviewers to believe in your message and yourself. You can convince them to suspend their skepticism and comply with your request.


2. Enhance your online presence

Your online presence is vital to your job hunt process. The content you post online could affect your job hunting outcome. HR professionals are now searching the Internet to find out information about candidates.


They look into their social media profiles, blogs, and personal sites. Depending on what you post online, it could boost your chances of getting the job or harm  your japplication. Stay away from publishing your naked photos. Rather share some tips, such as Tips to Avoid Being Scammed When Apartment Hunting or how-to videos.

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That said, make sure to polish your online presence before you even start your job hunting process. Having a personal brand online can provide HR professionals with more insight about you. Employer is more inclined to hire a candidate with a personal website than someone who does not have any.


Thus, start polishing your online presence. Make sure that you only post quality content and avoid publishing drunk photos.


3. Boost your network of contacts

Building a bigger network of contacts is one of the key factors in  improving your chances of getting the job that you want.


While attending school, make sure to  get to know as many people as you can. After graduation, one of them might introduce you to your future employer.



4. Opt for the culture and not the salary

As a fresh graduate, it is better to work in a company whose employees have the same goals and aspirations as you. Do not focus on getting a high-base pay. No matter how high the pay rate is if you are not happy with the people you work with, you will never find success in the job you chose. You want to be working in a company with a positive mindset.


5. Research the company you are applying for

Before you go to a job interview, make sure that you researched the company you are applying. Failure to do so means you are preparing to fail. Study the company you are applying for. In that way, the job hunting process will be easier


6. Improve skill set that sells

The majority of undergraduates would register for a master’s program after graduation. The reason for this is that they believe that it is the best way for them to get employed.


However, the truth is that you need to have a skill set that sells and pays more. Project management, strategic marketing, negotiation, and Spanish are just a few of the skills that can boost your chances of employment.


7. Get actual job experience

Instead of partying, you must get a real job experience, even if it does not pay at all. In this way, you could boast real-deal field experience during a job interview. You can do small projects or sign up for a freelance job. It will not only give you a source of income, but it also provides you with hands-on experience.



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