10 Ways Successful People Deal with People They Don’t Like

Hannah Ross


Meeting people and getting along with them is a major task in the contemporary professional market. There is a huge diversity in today’s competitive world. Resultantly, we get to meet new people with varying attitudes on a daily basis. This is the reason why big companies stress so much on the social skills and public abilities of their recruits.

We don’t get the same vibe from everyone, we meet regularly. It is extremely easy to get along with some while you immediately start feeling uncomfortable around others; with whom you can’t connect. This, however, doesn’t mean that you don’t engage with them. You are required to meet them, talk to them, and work with them even when you aren’t good friends with them.

You will encounter people you don’t agree with. So, it is better to be approachable when meeting such people, rather than confronting them. You cannot limit your boundaries when it comes to meeting people. You should be mentally prepared to get along with anyone.

There are certain ways in which you can deal with the people you can’t stand in general, when it comes to your professional life. Certain details of these ways are given as under:

Be Cooperative

Cooperation is the first and the most important thing when it comes to excelling at your office. You shouldn’t confine yourself to a comfort zone rather you should look to go out of that. Be ready to work with the people you don’t like.

Avoid Confrontation

Confrontation isn’t a solution to any problem. So, if you’re having problems with someone at your workplace, you should avoid confrontation at all costs. You should be professional when it comes to dealing with people. Never let the emotions get better of you.

Get over Negative Remarks

Be ready to face denouncing comments while working with the negative people. But, you should limit your happiness to the opinions of others. Ignore their negativity and focus on yourself.

Surround yourself with Positive People

Develop a strong support system. Assess the people you’re working with and develop strong bonds to the ones you feel comfortable with. You shouldn’t cut off from everyone around you. Those who are welcoming and approachable should be approached. Engage them. Offer your help wherever possible and seek their help when you need it.


Focus on the Bright Side

When you’re meeting or engaging with negative people, it is very much up to you that either you want to keep them at bay or want to give them a chance. By giving them a chance, you might be able to learn something new from them. So, always focus on the advantages of getting along with people rather their negatives.

Set Barriers

While working with the negative people set some barriers for your individual self and make these clear to them as well. Stay extremely professional and just focus on the work you are assigned. Don’t engage them on personal grounds. This will help you maintain some professional environment with them.

Stand up for what’s Right

Never compromise your dignity and your rules for anyone. Always stick to your cause and stand up for what’s yours. Moreover, you should fight for what you feel is right. Lastly, point out what you don’t feel is right.

Own your Decisions

Don’t play the victim card and don’t let other play it against you as well. Own your work and your decisions. Stay true to what is yours. If working with them doesn’t go as planned then don’t do the blame game.

Be Realistic

You should always be realistic about professional life. It is not a bed of roses. Competition and difference of opinions often develop space between people which isn’t always easy to bridge. So don’t worry about it. You don’t need to be friends with everyone.

Let the work do the Talking

Lastly, you should be extremely professional in your approach. All of your focus should be on your work and to get better at it. Your work should speak for yourself. Do what you do in such a way that no one else can do. Discover your inner potential and invent a unique way of doing things. Work so brilliantly that your haters become your fans

These are the things which successful are likely to do when they come face to face with the people they don’t like. Avoiding confrontation and problems is the best way to engage with them. In fact, you should be totally professional in your behavior. Work with them if you have to and give you best on the field.


Hannah R. is an entrepreneur and an aspiring writer. She has a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management. She also provides help to students who struggle in doing their assignments by offering them free consultancy.


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