10 Best Cities for Young Professionals Seeking Work-Life Balance in the United States

By Megan Wells

College is a fun and exciting time for students. New opportunities to make friends, create lasting relationships, and developing new skills are just part of the experience. Students often get used to the student life and have a hard time once graduation comes and goes.The easy going life of college is gone and new grads struggle to find a healthy work-life balance.

Recent data from the Zillow, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and Redfin has been collected to find the best cities for young professionals who want a better work-life balance. Using statistics such as walkability, average rent, and unemployment rates, we’ve put together a list of the top ten cities for young professionals looking to improve work-life balance.

Des Moines, IA and Madison, WI claim the top two spots on the list. They are just two out of the five Midwest cities that made the list. Higher salaries, low unemployment, expanding night scenes and reasonable rent prices are a few of the highlights that put these two cities at the top.

While cities like New York and Miami may offer higher pay, the cost of living in the Midwest is much lower. The extra money leftover lets young professionals spend more time with fun activities while still having enough leftover to contribute to their retirement accounts.

Prefer to live on the coast? Northern California adds a couple of cities to the list. San Francisco and Oakland both made the list and can offer a different lifestyle than the Midwest. Both cities have high walkability scores as well as many outdoor activities to keep you busy. If hiking and surfing aren’t your thing, both cities have multiple professional sports teams to keep you entertained all year.

In the infographic below from Investment Zen, you’ll find some of the best points of each city. Whether you’re enjoying a basketball game, exploring the mountains, or paying off your student loans with the extra money, any of these cities will do the trick.

Top 10 cities to live for Young Professionals in the United States

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